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Exploring Enterprise Databases with R: A Tidyverse Approach

Table of Contents

  1. Book
  2. Project organization
  3. Prerequisites
  4. Packages used in the book
  5. How to contribute
  6. Code of Conduct
  7. License


  • Tutorial materials from this repo go in the online book, "Exploring Enterprise Databases with R: A Tidyverse Approach".

  • The book is written so that you can just read along or execute each chunk of code as you wish.

  • Each chapter is written so it can be executed independently once the Docker container is built in Chapter 5. We are using a Knit-then-Merge approach, so each chapter of the book can be Knitted separately.

  • The book depends on the sqlpetr package, which can be installed using:

    remotes::install_github("smithjd/sqlpetr", force = TRUE, quiet = TRUE, build = TRUE, build_opts = "")

Project organization

So far the project structure has consisted of informal meetings on Saturday mornings in Portland, Oregon. We are at a point where having contributions from beyond our small group would be veyr welcome.

  • Slack: self-invite is here
  • Notes and discussions are in the #r-and-databases channel
  • We meet face-to-face and on Zoom
  • Anyone can view our project notes and we're happy to add your Google credentials if you are interested in contributing.


To run the code in this book / repo you will need:

Packages used in the book

Here are the R packages that are used in this project and are discussed in the book:

How to contribute

If you'd like to contribute to this project, start by searching through the issues and pull requests to see whether someone else has already raised a similar idea or question.

If you don't see your idea listed, and you think it fits into the goals of this project, do one of the following:

  • If your contribution is minor, such as a typo fix, open a pull request.
  • If your contribution is major, such as a new learning module or a significant restructuring of current code and training material, start by opening an issue first. That way, before you do any work, other people can weigh in on the discussion to make sure that your goals are aligned with the direction of the project.

We provide more guidelines for coding style and developer's workflow in the Contributing document. The project wiki is also a good source of information for contributors.

Run the build_book.R script to compile the book.

Code of Conduct

If you plan to participate in the project in any way, such as a developer, reviewer, contributor, committer, or student, you are expected to follow the project's Code of Conduct. Please review those guidelines before choosing to participate in the project.


Software in this project is licensed under the MIT License.


Exploring a realistic postgreSQL database with R via Docker





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