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Functions to accompany the SQL Pet book
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sqlpetr is the companion R package for the database tutorial eBook at It has two classes of functions:

  1. Functions to install the dependencies needed to build the book and perform the operations covered in the tutorial, and
  2. Utilities for dealing with Docker and the PostgreSQL Docker image we use.

sqlpetr has a pkgdown site at


You will need the following software:

  1. R 3.4.0 or later:
  2. RStudio Preview 1.2.1330 or later (
  3. Docker:

See below for the details if you’re a Linux desktop user.

Installing this package for users of

If you are working through the code in the book, you will need to install this package first. Note that these instructions assume Windows or MacOS. For Linux, you will need to install some Linux packages. See below for the details on Ubuntu, Fedora or Arch Linux.

  1. Make sure you have a writeable personal library.

  2. Update all your packages with update.packages().

  3. Install remotes if you haven’t already.

  4. In an R console, type

    remotes::install_github("smithjd/sqlpetr", force = TRUE, build = FALSE, quiet = TRUE)

Linux desktop

We support Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS (“Bionic Beaver”) or later, Fedora 28 or later and Arch Linux. You will need to install RStudio yourself, but we provide scripts to install all the other Linux dependencies including R and Docker.

  1. Install Linux - any desktop should work.

  2. Browse to You will find install scripts for Ubuntu, Fedora and Arch. Download the one for your distro, make it executable and run it. The script will install R and the Linux dependencies for sqlpetr, install Docker, add you to the docker group and enable/start the Docker service.

  3. Now do

    remotes::install_github("smithjd/sqlpetr", force = TRUE, build = FALSE, quiet = TRUE)

    to install sqlpetr.

Note that you will need to log out back to the display manager prompt and log back in for Docker commands to work without sudo.

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