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     This is a very simple piece of software which I used to take a photo every
90 seconds on my drive across the country.  There are plenty of other android
time lapse software packages out there and I would encourage you to look at 
those as well.  I wrote decided to write my own for the following reasons:

1) I wanted the time lapse to run in the background as much as possible so I
could keep my map or music or audio book or whatever application in the 
foreground.  The whole point of a time lapse app is that it is hands free, 
so I certainly don't need to be looking at it.

2) I wanted to tag the location.  This didn't work out as well as I had planned.
I couldn't find a pure python library that would edit the exif tags of the images.
Instead, I used the pretty lame solution of just pickling the locations into a 
separate file.  I could then use something like exiftool to stick the locations back
into the pictures.

3) I wanted to be able to turn it off and on easily for when I put my phone in my pocket
or just didn't want to take photos.  I settled on having the app only take a photo
if the phone is plugged in.

     I used this for a ~3600 mile drive on my Droid X and car dock and it worked quite well.
When the camera takes a picture, a preview image shows up on the screen which is both 
distorted and rotated.  The image saved to the disk is fine, though.  Also, the shutter
sound fires every time.  It's exceptionally obnoxious and it also cuts into anything else
your phone is currently playing.  I wish I could get have gotten rid of that.

     This requires SL4A ( and the python interpreter.

     After those are installed, just copy the script over to the scripts directory on the android sdcard.
This generally involves mounting the sdcard to a computer and copying the script over.

  - I'd love to get rid of the shutter sound, but this will be pretty difficult.
  - The wait time between pictures could be changed via a simple gui quite easily.
  - Allow the user to choose whether photos are taken when unplugged or not.