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Markup in the Writing Classroom

Data and Display Site

This is a repo for anonymized XML data generated in my dissertation research and for a site to display and interact with that data.


The XML files in this repository were generated in the summer and fall semesters of 2016 in two undergraduate writing courses: Advanced Writing for the Technical professions (summer) and First-year Writing (fall). Students in those classes collaboratively developed schema files based on genres of writing that they chose to research and produce. They then used those schemas to produce individual examples of their chosen genres, iteratively revising the schemas according to their experiences composing. My dissertation project, “(Re)Making/(Re)Marking: Genre and Markup in the Writing Classroom,” is a qualitative teacher-research study of these courses, which you can read more about on my blog.


There are two classes included here, Advanced Writing for the Technical Professions (AWD) and First-year Writing (FYW).

  • The AWD schema is schema_3302.rng and the student XML files are included in the awd_xml folder.
  • The FYW schema is schema_1111.rng and the student XML files are included in the fyw_xml folder.
  • Each of the two courses includes three XML files for each student. The naming conventions for the XML files are p[#1-3]_[unique student ID].

To explore the transformed XML data, visit the display site at


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