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Fixed up the test file which really doesn't contain proper tests yet.

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commit fc3d9347913b1a919c59004aabf3b603f88b5f72 1 parent 79b3b93
Zach Kost-Smith authored
Showing with 22 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +22 −6 test.lisp
28 test.lisp
@@ -13,6 +13,11 @@
(determine-range-dimensionality 'sin)
(determine-range-dimensionality (lambda (x y) (vector x y x)))
(determine-range-dimensionality (lambda (x y) (ima:append-imas (list (vector x y x) (vector x y x)) 0)))
+;; (combine-sniffs (make-gnuplot-setup :plot-type :3D) (make-gnuplot-setup :plot-type :2D))
;; @\section{2D Plots}
;; @\subsection{Curves}
@@ -89,22 +94,22 @@
:y-range '(0 1.1) :theta-range (list 0 pi))
(make-instance 'func-rep
:func (lambda (theta) (expt (sin theta) 1/16))
- :rep-label (tb:format-ext nil "(sin(x))^(1/16)"))
+ :rep-label (format-ext nil "(sin(x))^(1/16)"))
(make-instance 'func-rep
:func (lambda (theta) (expt (sin theta) 1/4))
- :rep-label (tb:format-ext nil "(sin(x))^(1/4)"))
+ :rep-label (format-ext nil "(sin(x))^(1/4)"))
(make-instance 'func-rep
:func (lambda (theta) (expt (sin theta) 1/2))
- :rep-label (tb:format-ext nil "sqrt(sin(x))"))
+ :rep-label (format-ext nil "sqrt(sin(x))"))
(make-instance 'func-rep
:func (lambda (theta) (sin theta))
- :rep-label (tb:format-ext nil "sin(x)"))
+ :rep-label (format-ext nil "sin(x)"))
(make-instance 'func-rep
:func (lambda (theta) (expt (sin theta) 2))
- :rep-label (tb:format-ext nil "sin²(x)"))
+ :rep-label (format-ext nil "sin²(x)"))
(make-instance 'func-rep
:func (lambda (theta) (expt (sin theta) 4))
- :rep-label (tb:format-ext nil "sin⁴(x)")))
+ :rep-label (format-ext nil "sin⁴(x)")))
;; @\subsection{Maps}
@@ -112,6 +117,15 @@
;; @\subsection{Surface Plots}
+;; The proper wap to make a standard surface plot:
+;; Banded surface plots like YongXiang was making. This color scheme is banded
+;; and corresponds to the tic marks on the $z$-axis. This is actually very nice
+;; from a readability standpoint as well as an aesthetical one.
+;; At the very least there had better be lines on the surface (contours), else
+;; why bother?
;; @\section{Showing Off}
;; @Here we include a series of plots that are for the sole purpose of showing
@@ -125,3 +139,5 @@
;; fractals? strange attractors?
+;; Hex-Density plots
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