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(in-package #:se.defmacro.c-amplify)
(defvar *c-systems* (make-hash-table))
(defparameter *output-extension* "c"
"File extension of files produced.")
(defparameter *input-extension* "ca"
"File extension of files read.")
(defun %eval-ca-phase1 (expanded-forms)
(dolist (form expanded-forms)
(parse-c-stmt-phase1 form)))
(defun %eval-ca-phase2 (expanded-forms)
(mapcar #'(lambda (form)
(let ((result (parse-c-stmt form)))
(simplify result)
(defun eval-ca-forms (forms)
(let ((expansions (loop for form in forms collecting (resolve-symbol-aliases (c-macroexpand form)))))
(%eval-ca-phase1 expansions)
(%eval-ca-phase2 expansions)))
(defun read-csys-file (fn)
"Read a bunch of forms from FN to be parsed as a defsystem group."
(with-open-file (sysdef-stream fn)
(let ((sys-forms (loop
for datum = (read sysdef-stream nil nil)
unless datum do (loop-finish)
collecting datum)))
(defstruct c-system
(id nil :type symbol)
(output-file nil :type pathname)
(files nil :type list)
(deps nil :type list))
(defun systems-connected-p (source-sys dest-sys)
"Return t if DEST-SYS can be reached from SOURCE-SYS. Useful to
detect cyclic dependencies."
(let ((dep-list (c-system-deps source-sys)))
(cond ((null dep-list) nil)
((member dest-sys dep-list) t)
(t (some #'(lambda (d) (systems-connected-p d dest-sys)) dep-list)))))
(defun eval-defsystem (system-fn id clauses)
"Evaluate a defsystem form for the system ID, read from SYSTEM-FN
with the specified CLAUSES. If the function succeeds, ID will be
associated with the resulting c-system object in *c-systems* for later
retreival. Returns the resulting c-system object."
(let* ((default-output-file (make-pathname :defaults system-fn
:name (string-downcase (symbol-name id))
:type *output-extension*))
(system (make-c-system :id id :output-file default-output-file)))
(labels ((resolve-system-file (name)
(make-pathname :name name :type *input-extension* :defaults system-fn))
(resolve-system-files (names)
(mapcar #'(lambda (name) (resolve-system-file name)) names))
(resolve-system-deps (dep-systems)
(loop for sym in dep-systems
collect (multiple-value-bind (target exists) (gethash sym *c-systems*)
(unless exists
(error "~a: ~a depends on undefined system ~a" system-fn id sym))
(when (systems-connected-p target system)
(error "~a: cyclic dependency: ~a <-> ~a" system-fn id (c-system-id target)))
(dolist (clause clauses)
(unless (listp clause)
(error "defsystem clauses must be lists: ~a" clause))
(ecase (car clause)
(:files (setf (c-system-files system) (resolve-system-files (cdr clause))))
(:depends (setf (c-system-deps system) (resolve-system-deps (cdr clause))))))
(setf (gethash id *c-systems*) system)
(defun update-system (system)
"Given the c-system SYSTEM; load, macro-expand and evaluate all its
source files and then generate a single output file."
(let* ((filenames (c-system-files system))
(input (loop for fn in filenames appending (read-ca-file fn)))
(expansion (resolve-symbol-aliases (c-macroexpand input))))
(%eval-ca-phase1 expansion)
(let ((ast-nodes (%eval-ca-phase2 expansion)))
(with-open-file (*standard-output* (c-system-output-file system) :direction :output :if-exists :supersede)
(generate-source-file ast-nodes)))))
(defun find-system (id)
(multiple-value-bind (system exists-p) (gethash id *c-systems*)
(unless exists-p
(error "~a: no such system" id))
(defun load-csys-file (fn)
"Load the c system definition file FN, parsing and binding the
systems defined therein in *C-SYSTEMS* for future use. Returns a list
of systems which are to be updated by default."
(let* ((systems-to-update nil)
(sys-forms (read-csys-file fn)))
(dolist (sys-def sys-forms)
(match sys-def
((list* 'defsystem id clauses) (eval-defsystem fn id clauses))
((list 'update id) (push (find-system id) systems-to-update))
(_ (error "expected defsystem clause: ~a" sys-def))))
(defun parse-ca-file (fn)
(eval-ca-forms (read-ca-file fn)))
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