A porting of the Coursera neural network course starter code to Common Lisp
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A partial and minimal porting of the Coursera Machine Learning with Neural Networks to Common Lisp. This is not exceptionally polished but there should always be an attempt to at least confirm the code written here against the provided Octave code and the Python port.

I decided not to do a line by line porting of the Octave or Python code to Lisp because, well that’s just not how we Lispers do things. It is cleaner in its current form, but harder to prove correct at a glance. Also, I will be using some packages that I have been working on but are not officially released, such as the zgnuplot library. I have been using this plotting library with in-house code for a long time, but it is still pretty rough around the edges and the interface is still in flux (hopefully headed towards something a bit better). But whatever, it’s out there, feel free to do what you will with it.

Note to people that might fork this, the rules on Coursera (well, at least this course) is that you shouldn’t post solutions. So don’t work off this repo, plug your solution into it, and publish it online. You should probably work in a private branch that you don’t publish to Github.