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(in-package :cl-plumbing)
;; This is annoying, but in certain lisps (the ones that uses buffered output)
;; you need to make sure that the output is flushed because otherwise the read
;; will not see anything and will hang. One reason that this bites us here much
;; more than usual is because the stream is still open even after we are done
;; with the output. This is because, in part, I use a :io stream.
;; However, this does in fact work, if you finess it. See the example:
;; (with-open-stream (pipe (make-pipe))
;; (let ((*standard-output* pipe))
;; (print 'hello)
;; (force-output))
;; (print (read pipe)))
(defun make-pipe ()
"This makes a stream where you can write your output, then read it out
(let ((random-fifo (format nil "/tmp/cl-plumbing-tmp-pipe-~A-~A"
(get-universal-time) (random 1000000))))
#>(mkfifo ,random-fifo)
(let ((str (open (pathname random-fifo) :direction :io :if-exists :overwrite)))
(lambda () #>(rm -f ,random-fifo)))