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(in-package :cl-plumbing)
;; Gray Stream version
(defclass pipe (trivial-gray-streams:fundamental-stream
((lock :initform (bordeaux-threads:make-lock) :accessor lock-of)
(input :initarg :input :accessor input-of)
(output :initarg :output :accessor output-of)))
;; (defmethod stream-element-type ((stream pipe))
;; (stream-element-type (output-of stream)))
(defmethod trivial-gray-streams:stream-write-char ((p pipe) character)
(bt:with-lock-held ((lock-of p))
(write-char character (output-of p))))
(defun flush-in-to-out (pipe)
(let ((string (get-output-stream-string (output-of pipe))))
(when (> (length string) 0)
(setf (input-of pipe)
(input-of pipe)
(make-string-input-stream string))))))
(defmethod trivial-gray-streams:stream-read-char ((p pipe))
(bt:with-lock-held ((lock-of p))
(let ((eof (not (open-stream-p (output-of p)))))
(flush-in-to-out p)
(let ((result (read-char (input-of p) nil :eof)))
(cond ((not (equal :eof result)) (return result))
((and eof (equal :eof result)) (return :eof))
(t nil)))))
;; Is there a way to remove this polling delay? Perhaps it isn't a big
;; deal.
(sleep .01)))
(defmethod trivial-gray-streams:stream-unread-char ((p pipe) character)
(bt:with-lock-held ((lock-of p))
(unread-char character (input-of p))))
(defparameter *block-size* 1024)
(defmethod trivial-gray-streams:stream-read-line ((p pipe))
(let ((consumed nil))
(bt:with-lock-held ((lock-of p))
(flush-in-to-out p)
(let* ((eof (not (open-stream-p (output-of p))))
(seq (make-array (list *block-size*)))
(n-read (read-sequence seq (input-of p)))
(newline-marker (iter (for char in-sequence seq with-index i)
(while (< i n-read))
(finding i such-that (eql char #\Newline)))))
(cond ((and newline-marker (< newline-marker n-read))
(setf (input-of p) (make-concatenated-stream
(coerce (subseq seq (+ newline-marker 1) n-read)
(input-of p)))
(let ((c consumed))
(setf consumed nil)
(return (coerce (apply #'concatenate
(subseq seq 0 newline-marker)
(eof (let ((c consumed))
(setf consumed nil)
(values (coerce (apply #'concatenate
(subseq seq 0 n-read)
'string) t))))
(t (push (subseq seq 0 n-read) consumed)))))
;; Block until there is more to read.
(unread-char (read-char p) p))
(setf (input-of p)
(cons (input-of p)
(lambda (x) (make-string-input-stream (coerce x 'string)))
(defmethod trivial-gray-streams:stream-read-sequence
((p pipe) seq start end &key &allow-other-keys)
(bt:with-lock-held ((lock-of p))
(flush-in-to-out p)
(read-sequence seq (input-of p) :start start :end end)))
(defmethod trivial-gray-streams:stream-write-sequence
((p pipe) seq start end &key &allow-other-keys)
(bt:with-lock-held ((lock-of p))
(write-sequence seq (output-of p) :start start :end end)))
(defmethod trivial-gray-streams:stream-line-column ((p pipe))
(defmethod close ((p pipe) &key abort)
(declare (ignore abort))
(close (output-of p)))
(defun make-pipe ()
"This makes a stream where you can write your output, then read it out
(make-instance 'pipe
:input (make-string-input-stream "")
:output (make-string-output-stream)))