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(defpackage :cl-plumbing-test
(:use :cl :cl-plumbing :stefil :iterate)
(in-package :cl-plumbing-test)
(deftest iterate-test ()
"Test to see if the pipes work with Iterates in-stream driver."
(let ((pipe (make-pipe)))
(print 1 pipe)
(print 2 pipe)
(print 3 pipe)
(is (equal '(1 2 3)
(iter (for val in-stream pipe)
(collect val))))))
(deftest pipe-test ()
(let ((input "hello howdy heck"))
(let ((pipe (make-pipe)))
(iter (for c in-sequence input)
(write-char c pipe)
(is (equal c (read-char pipe)))))
(is (equal input
(let ((pipe (make-pipe)))
(iter (for c in-sequence input)
(write-char c pipe))
(iter (for c = (read-char pipe nil nil))
(while c)
(collect c result-type 'string)))))))