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;; We are going to try and make completions behave better
(defvar *completion-vertical-popup-size* 10)
(defun row-in-window ()
(let ((row 0)
(window-start (window-start)) )
(while (> (point) window-start)
(beginning-of-visual-line 0)
(incf row) ))
row ))
(defun row-in-frame ()
(destructuring-bind (left top right bottom) (window-edges)
(+ top (row-in-window)) ))
(defun set-row-in-frame (row-in-frame)
(let* ((current-row (row-in-frame))
(discrepancy (- row-in-frame current-row)) )
(unless (= row-in-frame current-row)
(goto-char (window-start))
(while (> discrepancy 0)
(decf discrepancy) )
(while (< discrepancy 0)
(incf discrepancy) )
;; We are now at the desired starting point
(setf new-window-start (point)) )
(set-window-start (selected-window) new-window-start) )))
(defun fixed-point-display-completions (buf)
"If we find that there is already a visible *Completions*
window, use it, otherwise if there is only one window in this
frame, put a new completion window \(popup) in a small window at
the top of the current frame, otherwise, just let Emacs do what
it would have done without my intervention.
This kind of assumes that your single window frames are tall and
skinny, which is very common."
(let* (new-window
(current-window (selected-window))
(frame-windows (window-list frame 'no-minibuffer))
;; build a list of currently visible frames. If there is a
;; *Completions* window in one of these, just use that one.
(windows (apply 'append
(mapcar (lambda (frame)
(when (eql (framep frame) 'x)
(window-list frame 'no-minibuffer) ))
(visible-frame-list) )))
;; Find The *Completions* window if it is there.
(find "*Completions*" windows
:test 'equal
:key (lambda (window)
(buffer-name (window-buffer window)) ))))
(cond (comp-window
;; We already have a *Completions* window. Just use that.
comp-window )
((and pop-up-windows (eq 1 (length frame-windows)))
;; We only have one window in this frame, so let's split it
(select-window (car frame-windows))
(let ((row-in-frame (row-in-frame)))
;; Are we going to split at the head or the foot?
(cond ((eql current-window (minibuffer-window))
;; We need to treat the minibuffer specially
(setf new-window (split-window-vertically
(- *completion-vertical-popup-size*) ))
(setf target-window new-window)
(select-window current-window) )
((< row-in-frame (floor (frame-height) 2))
(setf new-window (split-window-vertically
(- *completion-vertical-popup-size*) ))
(setf target-window new-window)
(select-window current-window)
(set-row-in-frame row-in-frame) )
(setf new-window (split-window-vertically
*completion-vertical-popup-size* ))
(setf target-window current-window)
(select-window new-window)
(set-row-in-frame row-in-frame) ))
(set-window-buffer target-window buf)
(set-window-dedicated-p target-window t)
target-window ))
;; Lastly, we just let emacs do what it wants to do
(t (let ((special-display-buffer-names
(lambda (x) (and (equal "*Completions*" (first x))
(eql 'fixed-point-display-completions
(second x) )))
special-display-buffer-names )))
(display-buffer "*Completions*" t) )))))
(defun enable-fixed-point-completions ()
(add-to-list 'special-display-buffer-names
'("*Completions*" fixed-point-display-completions) ))
(defun disable-fixed-point-completions ()
(setf special-display-buffer-names
(remove-if (lambda (x) (and (equal "*Completions*" (first x))
(eql 'fixed-point-display-completions
(second x) ))))))
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