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(in-package :modf)
(define-modf-rewrite funcall (expr)
(cons (cadadr expr) (cddr expr)))
(define-modf-rewrite caar (expr)
`(car (car ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cadr (expr)
`(car (cdr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cdar (expr)
`(cdr (car ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cddr (expr)
`(cdr (cdr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite caaar (expr)
`(car (caar ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite caadr (expr)
`(car (cadr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cadar (expr)
`(car (cdar ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cdaar (expr)
`(cdr (caar ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite caddr (expr)
`(car (cddr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cdadr (expr)
`(cdr (cadr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cddar (expr)
`(cdr (cdar ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cdddr (expr)
`(cdr (cddr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite caaaar (expr)
`(car (caaar ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite caaadr (expr)
`(car (caadr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite caadar (expr)
`(car (cadar ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cadaar (expr)
`(car (cdaar ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cdaaar (expr)
`(cdr (caaar ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite caaddr (expr)
`(car (caddr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cadadr (expr)
`(car (cdadr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cdaadr (expr)
`(cdr (caadr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite caddar (expr)
`(car (cddar ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cdadar (expr)
`(cdr (cadar ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cddaar (expr)
`(cdr (cdaar ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cdddar (expr)
`(cdr (cddar ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cddadr (expr)
`(cdr (cdadr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cdaddr (expr)
`(cdr (caddr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cadddr (expr)
`(car (cdddr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite cddddr (expr)
`(cdr (cdddr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite first (expr)
`(car ,(second expr)))
(define-modf-rewrite second (expr)
`(cadr ,(second expr)))
(define-modf-rewrite third (expr)
`(caddr ,(second expr)))
(define-modf-rewrite fourth (expr)
`(cadddr ,(second expr)))
(define-modf-rewrite fifth (expr)
`(car (cddddr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite sixth (expr)
`(cadr (cddddr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite seventh (expr)
`(caddr (cddddr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite eighth (expr)
`(cadddr (cddddr ,(second expr))))
(define-modf-rewrite ninth (expr)
`(car (cddddr (cddddr ,(second expr)))))
(define-modf-rewrite tenth (expr)
`(cadr (cddddr (cddddr ,(second expr)))))
(define-modf-rewrite rest (expr)
`(cdr ,(second expr)))
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