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Small fix for running the test-suite on SBCL.

When running the test-suite SBCL complained about #<STANDARD-CLASS
TEST-PARENT> not finalized.

Fixed that by explicitly calling FINALIZE-INHERITANCE.
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1 parent 8765829 commit a279dc14dcb9f307212ff9b1adc4b137c7399dce @kisp kisp committed Aug 1, 2011
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@@ -6,5 +6,6 @@
(in-package :modf-test)
(defclass test-parent () ((a :accessor a-of :initarg :a)))
+#+sbcl(closer-mop:finalize-inheritance (find-class 'test-parent))
(modf-def:defclass test-class1 (test-parent) ((b :accessor b-of :initarg :b)))
(defclass test-class2 (test-parent) ((c :accessor c-of :initarg :c)))

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