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@@ -66,12 +66,21 @@ benefit, not the users, as these symbols belong to the MODF package."
(package-name (symbol-package symbol))
":" (symbol-name symbol) ))
+;; @The macro <<modf-fn>> provides a similar functionality to <<setf>>'s
+;; <<#'(setf fn)>>. This can be used to access the function Modf will use to
+;; invert a form.
(defmacro modf-fn (symbol)
"Expand to the defined Modf function. Basically, \(MODF-FN SYM) is the
functional analog of #'\(SETF SYM)."
`(function ,(intern (modf-name symbol) :modf)) )
+;; @The macros <<define-modf-function>> and <<define-modf-method>> are a way to
+;; define a function or method that Modf will call with the new value and the
+;; arguments to the accessor. This function should invert the accessor into a
+;; builder.
;; <<>>=
(defmacro define-modf-function (name nth-arg (new-val &rest args) &body body)
"Define a new modf function. It inverts NAME forms by modifying the NTH-ARG

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