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very interesting library! I was playing around these days with a
very simple functional representation of graphs and then I discovered
modf, which came in very handy.

It seems to work pretty well - I have a couple of changes, though, which
you might want to pull. Thanks!


kisp added some commits Aug 1, 2011
@kisp kisp Small fix for running the test-suite on SBCL.
When running the test-suite SBCL complained about #<STANDARD-CLASS
TEST-PARENT> not finalized.

Fixed that by explicitly calling FINALIZE-INHERITANCE.
@kisp kisp Ensure that *MODF-NTH-ARG* contains the same entries after loading
from fasl files than after initial compile and load.

@kisp kisp Added expansion of macros to MODF-EXPAND. 6122530
@kisp kisp Raise an error in LATE-INVERT as a last resort instead of returning nil. 173b1cc

I'm very glad to see other people using this library and thanks for the patches.

Your patches all seem reasonable, but they seemed to break my packages that use Modf. Most notably, I cannot even compile the system with the patches applied. I have been aware of how fragile this library is for a while but haven't had time to fix it. I am going to take a bit of time to look over these changes and the original code and try and find the underlying problem that is causing me trouble.


Hi, sorry for causing trouble... If I can be of any help? -- I am sure you have tried that already,
but I think you will have to compile everything from scratch....

BTW Are you testing on SBCL as the principal lisp?


Just wanted to add that I enjoyed seeing and running your test script for all the different lisps... I think
I will try something similar with my own libs... :)

@smithzvk smithzvk merged commit 0095cf3 into smithzvk:master Aug 8, 2011


I merged your patches and pushed a bunch of new stuff. This new stuff fixed a few bugs with late inversion of class readers and an attempt to get structure accessors working. I wonder if any of the new stuff broke anything you used. All of the old tests are passed although that doesn't guarantee I didn't break anything. I don't know how you are using the library. What would help is if you have any code that you might donate to serve as a test in the test suite.



Hi Zach, thanks a lot - I tested with my code and everything seems fine. :)
I will tell you about any new observations I may have.

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