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(defpackage :protected-bindings
(:use :cl)
(:export #:with-protected-bindings*))
(in-package :protected-bindings)
(defmacro with-protected-binding ((binding-var binding-form &rest binding-clean-up)
&body body)
"Set up a single protected binding. See WITH-PROTECTED-BINDINGS* for more
`(let ((,binding-var ,binding-form))
,(when (equal (first binding-clean-up) :finalize)
(pop binding-clean-up)
`(tg:finalize ,binding-var ,(pop binding-clean-up)))
(progn ,@body)
;; @This is particularly useful as this is actually annoying to do correctly.
(defmacro with-protected-bindings* (bindings &body body)
"This sets up protected bindings, a bindings that has some clean-up code that
will always be run when the binding expires. A binding is of the form:
(sym value [:finalize evaluates-to-finalize-thunk] . clean-up-forms)
CLEAN-UP-FORMS will be guaranteed to run via unwind-protect. If there is
a :FINALIZE value, the finalizer is instantiated."
(if bindings
`(with-protected-binding ,(first bindings)
(with-protected-bindings* ,(rest bindings)
`(progn ,@body)))