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Archives of released versions can be downloaded from the download
area of the Sourceforge project page.
Development versions are available via
+ the Bazaar repository on Sourceforge:
bzr branch bzr:// rudel
+ the SubVersion repository on Sourceforge:
svn co rudel
+ the (experimental, but hopefully properly synchronized) Git repository at GitHub:
git clone git://
Rudel is developed and tested only with GNU Emacs and therefore
unlikely to run on other Emacs variants like XEmacs.
To use Rudel, the following software is required:
** GNU Emacs 22 or above
Rudel should work with recent versions of GNU Emacs starting from
version 22. Older versions of GNU Emacs or XEmacs may or not work
but are not actively tested.
** Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools (CEDET)
As of October 2009, Eieio is included in GNU Emacs. If you are
using a version built since then, you do not have to install it
yourself. (Otherwise, CEDET can be obtained from
** GnuTLS (optional)
Connections to Gobby servers require the gnutls-cli program.
Users of Debian or Ubuntu Linux should install the gnutls-bin
package to make the gnutls-cli program available.
** Avahi (optional)
The Avahi daemon ( is required for automatic
session discovery and advertising.
A version of GNU Emacs with Zeroconf support (GNU Emacs 23 or
above) is required to talk to the Avahi daemon.
Users of Debian or Ubuntu Linux can install the Avahi daemon via
the avahi-daemon package.
Evaluating [[./rudel-compile.el]] (e.g. find file and invoke M-x
eval-buffer) makes rudel-loaddefs.el and byte compiles all source
files. Then, add the following to your personal Emacs configuration:
(load-file "/PATH/TO/RUDEL/rudel-loaddefs.el")
This will set Rudel up to be loaded on demand when one of the
commands `rudel-join-session', `rudel-host-session' or
`global-rudel-minor-mode' is invoked.
#+TITLE: Rudel INSTALL Instructions
#+AUTHOR: Jan Moringen
#+STARTUP: showeverything
# Local variables:
# mode: org
# end: