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-*- outline -*-
This file documents user visible changes between versions of StumpWM
* Changes since 0.9.6
** in float mode windows can be resized with the middle mouse button
** support for CCL added
** support for ECL added
* Changes since 0.9.5
** add frame-windowlist command
** add run-or-pull command
** add refresh and redisplay commands
** use ppcre for window placement rule matching
** add fmt-head-window-list
colors hidden windows
** new contrib modules
time.lisp, disk.lisp, sbclfix.lisp, net.lisp, mem.lisp, maildir.lisp, window-tags.lisp
** add automatic group creation/restoration
** add restart-hard command
** rename soft-restart to restart-soft
** new commands refresh and redisplay
** new command list-window-properties
** AltGr works
** new top/root keymaps
The *root-map* keymap and *top-map* have been split into several based
on what group it applies to, tiling, floating, both.
** new floating group
StumpWM now has a floating window group mode.
* Changes since
** new module, aumix.lisp
** new command, repack-window-numbers
** new module, productivity.lisp
** _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS property is set on client windows
** define-key acts like undefine-key when nil is passed as the command
** new command, show-window-properties
** select-from-menu lets you type regex to match an item
** new commands, gnext-with-window and gprev-with-window
** run-or-raise now cycles through matching windows
** new function add-screen-mode-line-formatter
** new module wifi.lisp
** new module battery-portable.lisp
>>>>>>> master:NEWS
** new command load-module
** added install/uninstall Makefile rules
** added info command
** added g{next,prev}-with-window commands
** added show-window-properties command
* Changes since 0.9.3
** new %interactivep% variable
see defcommand in the manual.
** The default package is now stumpwm-user
stumpwm-user imports all exported stumpwm symbols.
** the pixmap error plaguing some users has been fixed
If you are running sbcl, you need do nothing. If you're using clisp,
ensure the version is 2.46 or later.
** New macro defprogram-shortcut
* Changes since 0.9.2
** C-t <n> bindings moved to C-t C-<n>
To pull a window by number you now have to hold down Control. Just
pressing the number now selects the window by number in its frame.
** new commands modifiers and copy-last-message
** new command grouplist and binding C-t g "
** New keybinding C-t h c
bound to describe-command
** spelling mistake fixed
One global variable was changed. *new-window-prefered-frame* is now
called *new-window-preferred-frame*.
** new variable *window-border-style*
** new command exchange-windows
** new command type :direction
** define-stumpwm-command is deprecated
Use defcommand instead
** pull-window-by-number arguments are reversed
** renumber function's arguments are reversed
** C-h lists keybindings too
In any keymap C-h and ? will list the keybindings.
** New command bind
Hang a key binding off the escape key.
** C-t TAB changed to fnext
Maintain compatibility with the screen binding.
* Changes since 0.9.1
** key grab handling
top level key binding are now grabbed "asynchronously." This should
eliminate the keyboard freezes some have experiences.
** New command emacs
** AltGr modifier should be recognized now
** new command grename
* Changes since 0.0.6
These changes are probably incomplete
** added color codes to message windows.
** added XRandR dynamic rotate/resize support
** added external panel/dock support
** added fullscren support
** added new rat focus models
** Xinerama support
** support hidden groups
** added frame save and restore
** added rule based window placement
** stumpwm now handles window roles
** move-focus now uses a heuristic to find the 'best' frame to focus
** format-time-string
Now takes an optional format string as an argument!
** more netwm compliance
stumpwm now exports its groups as netwm desktops.
** new var *default-package*
This decides what package the eval command reads and executes things
** new var *new-window-prefered-frame*
It controls what frame a new window appears in.
** "help" command prints bindings in columns
And it doesn't timeout.
** new variable *suppress-abort-messages*
Suppress abort message when non-nil.
** configure script
Now you can use it to select a lisp and point the makefile to the
location of your lisp.
** new command gmerge
** startup message configurable
with *startup-message*.
** format string arguments can be cropped
In the windows command, %20t will crop the window's title to 20
characters. This numeric prefix works for all % arguments.
which means wmctl -l returns useful info.
** stumpwm executables
the Makefile can now generate executables for sbcl and clisp. Edit the
Makefile to choose you lisp.
** New global *new-frame-action*
** New commands describe-key, describe-variable, describe-function, where-is
** New prefix map *help-map*
** New command, title, bound to C-t A
title sets the window's name.
** errors while reloading stumpwm
A restarts menu now appears that allows you to select a restart, if
you want.
** new function restarts-menu
** modeline update timer
set to 60s by default.
** timers
see run-with-timer and cancel-timer
** improved frame splitting, resizing and removing
** *run-or-raise-all-groups* variable
* Changes since 0.0.5
** quit command
* Changes since 0.0.3
** Frame support
StumpWM now sports basic frame support. No resizing yet.
* Changes since 0.0.2
* Changes since 0.0.1