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#-(or sbcl clisp openmcl ecl) (error "This lisp implementation is not supported.")
(require 'asdf)
(asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op 'stumpwm)
#-ecl (stumpwm:set-contrib-dir "@CONTRIB_DIR@")
(sb-ext:save-lisp-and-die "stumpwm" :toplevel (lambda ()
;; asdf requires sbcl_home to be set, so set it to the value when the image was built
(sb-posix:putenv (format nil "SBCL_HOME=~A" #.(sb-ext:posix-getenv "SBCL_HOME")))
:executable t)
(ext:saveinitmem "stumpwm" :init-function (lambda ()
:executable t :keep-global-handlers t :norc t :documentation "The StumpWM Executable")
(ccl:save-application "stumpwm" :prepend-kernel t :toplevel-function #'stumpwm:stumpwm)
(asdf:make-build 'stumpwm :type :program :monolithic t
:move-here "."
:name-suffix ""
:epilogue-code '(progn
(stumpwm:set-contrib-dir "@CONTRIB_DIR@")