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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp -*-
(defpackage :stumpwm-system
(:use :cl :asdf))
(in-package :stumpwm-system)
;; This is a hack for debian because it calls cmucl's clx
;; cmucl-clx. *very* annoying. I don't actually know if debian still
;; does this.
#+cmu (progn
(ignore-errors (require :cmucl-clx))
(ignore-errors (require :clx)))
(defsystem :stumpwm
:name "StumpWM"
:author "Shawn Betts <>"
:version "0.9.7"
:maintainer "Shawn Betts <>"
;; :license "GNU General Public License"
:description "A tiling, keyboard driven window manager"
:serial t
:depends-on (:cl-ppcre #-(or cmu clisp) :clx #+sbcl :sb-posix)
:components ((:file "package")
(:file "primitives")
(:file "workarounds")
(:file "wrappers")
(:file "pathnames")
(:file "keysyms")
(:file "keytrans")
(:file "kmap")
(:file "input")
(:file "core")
(:file "command")
(:file "menu")
(:file "screen")
(:file "head")
(:file "group")
(:file "window")
(:file "floating-group")
(:file "tile-group")
(:file "tile-window")
(:file "window-placement")
(:file "message-window")
(:file "selection")
(:file "user")
(:file "iresize")
(:file "bindings")
(:file "events")
(:file "help")
(:file "fdump")
(:file "time")
(:file "mode-line")
(:file "color")
(:file "module")
(:file "stumpwm")
;; keep this last so it always gets recompiled if
;; anything changes
(:file "version")))
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