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;; Copyright (C) 2003-2008 Shawn Betts
;; This file is part of stumpwm.
;; stumpwm is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
;; any later version.
;; stumpwm is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this software; see the file COPYING. If not, see
;; <>.
;; Commentary:
;; Window functionality.
;; Code:
(in-package #:stumpwm)
(export '(*default-window-name*
(defvar *default-window-name* "Unnamed"
"The name given to a window that does not supply its own name.")
(defclass window ()
((xwin :initarg :xwin :accessor window-xwin)
(width :initarg :width :accessor window-width)
(height :initarg :height :accessor window-height)
;; these are only used to hold the requested map location.
(x :initarg :x :accessor window-x)
(y :initarg :y :accessor window-y)
(gravity :initform nil :accessor window-gravity)
(group :initarg :group :accessor window-group)
(number :initarg :number :accessor window-number)
(parent :accessor window-parent)
(title :initarg :title :accessor window-title)
(user-title :initform nil :accessor window-user-title)
(class :initarg :class :accessor window-class)
(type :initarg :type :accessor window-type)
(res :initarg :res :accessor window-res)
(role :initarg :role :accessor window-role)
(unmap-ignores :initarg :unmap-ignores :accessor window-unmap-ignores)
(state :initarg :state :accessor window-state)
(normal-hints :initarg :normal-hints :accessor window-normal-hints)
(marked :initform nil :accessor window-marked)
(plist :initarg :plist :accessor window-plist)
(fullscreen :initform nil :accessor window-fullscreen)))
(defmethod print-object ((object window) stream)
(format stream "#S(~a ~s #x~x)" (type-of object) (window-name object) (window-id object)))
;;; Window Management API
(defgeneric update-decoration (window)
(:documentation "Update the window decoration."))
(defgeneric focus-window (window)
(:documentation "Give the specified window keyboard focus."))
(defgeneric raise-window (window)
(:documentation "Bring the window to the top of the window stack."))
(defgeneric window-visible-p (window)
(:documentation "Return T if the window is visible"))
(defgeneric window-sync (window what-changed)
(:documentation "Some window slot has been updated and the window
may need to sync itself. WHAT-CHANGED is a hint at what changed."))
(defgeneric window-head (window)
(:documentation "Report what window the head is currently on."))
;; Urgency / demands attention
(defun register-urgent-window (window)
"Add WINDOW to its screen's list of urgent windows"
(if (eq (screen-current-window (window-screen window)) window)
;; window is already current, clear the urgent state to let it know we know.
(window-clear-urgency window)
(push window (screen-urgent-windows (window-screen window)))
(update-mode-lines (window-screen window))
(values t))))
(defun unregister-urgent-window (window)
"Remove WINDOW to its screen's list of urgent windows"
(setf (screen-urgent-windows (window-screen window))
(delete window (screen-urgent-windows (window-screen window))))
(update-mode-lines (window-screen window)))
(defun window-clear-urgency (window)
"Clear the urgency bit and/or _NET_WM_STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION on
(let* ((hints (xlib:wm-hints (window-xwin window)))
(flags (when hints (xlib:wm-hints-flags hints))))
(when flags
(setf (xlib:wm-hints-flags hints)
;; XXX: as of clisp 2.46 flags is a list, not a number.
(if (listp flags)
(remove :urgency flags)
(logand (lognot 256) flags)))
(setf (xlib:wm-hints (window-xwin window)) hints)))
(remove-wm-state (window-xwin window) :_NET_WM_STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION)
(unregister-urgent-window window))
(defun window-urgent-p (window)
"Returns T if WINDOW has the urgency bit and/or
(let* ((hints (xlib:wm-hints (window-xwin window)))
(flags (when hints (xlib:wm-hints-flags hints))))
;; XXX: as of clisp 2.46 flags is a list, not a number.
(or (and flags (if (listp flags)
(find :urgency flags)
(logtest 256 flags)))
(find-wm-state (window-xwin window) :_NET_WM_STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION))))
(defun only-urgent (windows)
"Return a list of all urgent windows on SCREEN"
(remove-if-not 'window-urgent-p (copy-list windows)))
(defcommand next-urgent () ()
"Jump to the next urgent window"
(and (screen-urgent-windows (current-screen))
(focus-all (first (screen-urgent-windows (current-screen))))))
;; Since StumpWM already uses the term 'group' to refer to Virtual Desktops,
;; we'll call the grouped windows of an application a 'gang'
;; maybe follow transient_for to find leader.
(defun window-leader (window)
(when window
(or (first (window-property window :WM_CLIENT_LEADER))
(let ((id (window-transient-for window)))
(when id
(window-leader (window-by-id id)))))))
;; A modal dialog can either shadow a single window, or all windows
;; in its gang, depending on the value of WM_TRANSIENT_FOR
;; If a window is shadowed by a modal dialog, so are any other
;; transients belonging to that window.
(defun window-transient-for (window)
(first (window-property window :WM_TRANSIENT_FOR)))
(defun window-modal-p (window)
(find-wm-state (window-xwin window) :_NET_WM_STATE_MODAL))
(defun window-transient-p (window)
(find (window-type window) '(:transient :dialog)))
;; FIXME: use WM_HINTS.group_leader
(defun window-gang (window)
"Return a list of other windows in WINDOW's gang."
(let ((leader (window-leader window))
(screen (window-screen window)))
(when leader
(loop for w in (screen-windows screen)
as l = (window-leader w)
if (and (not (eq w window)) l (= leader l))
collect w))))
(defun only-modals (windows)
"Out of WINDOWS, return a list of those which are modal."
(remove-if-not 'window-modal-p (copy-list windows)))
(defun x-of (window filter)
(let* ((root (screen-root (window-screen window)))
(root-id (xlib:drawable-id root))
(win-id (xlib:window-id (window-xwin window))))
(loop for w in (funcall filter (window-gang window))
as tr = (window-transient-for w)
when (or (not tr) ; modal for group
(eq tr root-id) ; ditto
(eq tr win-id)) ; modal for win
collect w)))
;; The modals of a transient are the modals of the window
;; the transient belongs to.
(defun modals-of (window)
"Given WINDOW return the modal dialogs which are shadowing it, if any."
(loop for m in (only-modals (window-gang window))
when (find window (shadows-of m))
collect m))
(defun transients-of (window)
"Return the transient dialogs belonging to WINDOW"
(x-of window 'only-transients))
(defun shadows-of (window)
"Given modal window WINDOW return the list of windows in its shadow."
(let* ((root (screen-root (window-screen window)))
(root-id (xlib:drawable-id root))
(tr (window-transient-for window)))
((or (not tr)
(eq tr root-id))
(window-gang window))
(let ((w (window-by-id tr)))
(append (list w) (transients-of w)))))))
(defun only-transients (windows)
"Out of WINDOWS, return a list of those which are transient."
(remove-if-not 'window-transient-p (copy-list windows)))
(defun all-windows ()
(mapcan (lambda (s) (copy-list (screen-windows s))) *screen-list*))
(defun visible-windows ()
"Return a list of visible windows (on all screens)"
(loop for s in *screen-list*
nconc (delete-if 'window-hidden-p (copy-list (group-windows (screen-current-group s))))))
(defun top-windows ()
"Return a list of semantically visible windows (on all screens)"
(loop for s in *screen-list*
nconc (delete-if-not 'window-visible-p (copy-list (group-windows (screen-current-group s))))))
(defun window-name (window)
(or (window-user-title window)
(case *window-name-source*
(:resource-name (window-res window))
(:class (window-class window))
(t (window-title window)))
(defun window-id (window)
(xlib:window-id (window-xwin window)))
(defun window-in-current-group-p (window)
(eq (window-group window)
(screen-current-group (window-screen window))))
(defun window-screen (window)
(group-screen (window-group window)))
(defun send-client-message (window type &rest data)
"Send a client message to a client's window."
(xlib:send-event (window-xwin window)
:client-message nil
:window (window-xwin window)
:type type
:format 32
:data data))
(defun window-map-number (window)
(let ((num (window-number window)))
(or (and (< num (length *window-number-map*))
(elt *window-number-map* num))
(defun fmt-window-status (window)
(let ((group (window-group window)))
(cond ((eq window (group-current-window group))
((and (typep (second (group-windows group)) 'window)
(eq window (second (group-windows group))))
(t #\-))))
(defun fmt-window-marked (window)
(if (window-marked window)
;; (defun update-window-mark (window)
;; "Called when we need to draw or clear the mark."
;; ;; FIXME: This doesn't work at all. I'd like to have little squares
;; ;; that look like clamps on the corners of the window, likes its
;; ;; sorta grabbed. But i dunno how to properly draw them.
;; (let* ((screen (window-screen window)))
;; (if (window-marked window)
;; (xlib:draw-rectangle (window-parent window) (screen-marked-gc (window-screen window))
;; 0 0 300 200 t)
;; (xlib:clear-area (window-parent window)))))
(defun get-normalized-normal-hints (xwin)
(macrolet ((validate-hint (fn)
(setf fn (intern1 (concatenate 'string (string '#:wm-size-hints-) (string fn)) :xlib))
`(setf (,fn hints) (and (,fn hints)
(plusp (,fn hints))
(,fn hints)))))
(let ((hints (xlib:wm-normal-hints xwin)))
(when hints
(validate-hint :min-width)
(validate-hint :min-height)
(validate-hint :max-width)
(validate-hint :max-height)
(validate-hint :base-width)
(validate-hint :base-height)
(validate-hint :width-inc)
(validate-hint :height-inc)
(validate-hint :min-aspect)
(validate-hint :max-aspect))
(defun xwin-net-wm-name (win)
"Return the netwm wm name"
(let ((name (xlib:get-property win :_NET_WM_NAME)))
(when name
(utf8-to-string name))))
(defun xwin-name (win)
(xwin-net-wm-name win)
(xlib:wm-name win)))
;; FIXME: should we raise the winodw or its parent?
(defmethod raise-window (win)
"Map the window if needed and bring it to the top of the stack. Does not affect focus."
(when (window-urgent-p win)
(window-clear-urgency win))
(when (window-hidden-p win)
(unhide-window win)
(update-configuration win))
(when (window-in-current-group-p win)
(setf (xlib:window-priority (window-parent win)) :top-if)))
;; some handy wrappers
(defun xwin-border-width (win)
(xlib:drawable-border-width win))
(defun (setf xwin-border-width) (width win)
(setf (xlib:drawable-border-width win) width))
(defun default-border-width-for-type (window)
(or (and (window-maxsize-p window)
(ecase (window-type window)
(:dock 0)
(:normal *normal-border-width*)
((:transient :dialog) *transient-border-width*))))
(defun xwin-class (win)
(multiple-value-bind (res class) (xlib:get-wm-class win)
(declare (ignore res))
(defun xwin-res-name (win)
(multiple-value-bind (res class) (xlib:get-wm-class win)
(declare (ignore class))
(defun xwin-role (win)
(let ((name (xlib:get-property win :WM_WINDOW_ROLE)))
(dformat 10 "role: ~a~%" name)
(if name
(utf8-to-string name)
(defmacro define-window-slot (attr)
"Create a new window attribute and corresponding get/set functions."
(let ((win (gensym))
(val (gensym)))
(defun ,(intern1 (format nil "WINDOW-~a" attr)) (,win)
(gethash ,attr (window-plist ,win)))
(defun (setf ,(intern1 (format nil "WINDOW-~a" attr))) (,val ,win)
(setf (gethash ,attr (window-plist ,win))) ,val))))
(defun sort-windows (group)
"Return a copy of the screen's window list sorted by number."
(sort1 (group-windows group) '< :key 'window-number))
(defun marked-windows (group)
"Return the marked windows in the specified group."
(loop for i in (sort-windows group)
when (window-marked i)
collect i))
(defun (setf xwin-state) (state xwin)
"Set the state (iconic, normal, withdrawn) of a window."
(xlib:change-property xwin
(list state)
(defun xwin-state (xwin)
"Get the state (iconic, normal, withdraw of a window."
(first (xlib:get-property xwin :WM_STATE)))
(defun window-hidden-p (window)
(eql (window-state window) +iconic-state+))
(defun add-wm-state (xwin state)
(xlib:change-property xwin :_NET_WM_STATE
(list (xlib:find-atom *display* state))
:atom 32
:mode :append))
(defun remove-wm-state (xwin state)
(xlib:change-property xwin :_NET_WM_STATE
(delete (xlib:find-atom *display* state) (xlib:get-property xwin :_NET_WM_STATE))
:atom 32))
(defun window-property (window prop)
(xlib:get-property (window-xwin window) prop))
(defun find-wm-state (xwin state)
(find (xlib:find-atom *display* state) (xlib:get-property xwin :_NET_WM_STATE) :test #'=))
(defun xwin-unhide (xwin parent)
(xlib:map-subwindows parent)
(xlib:map-window parent)
(setf (xwin-state xwin) +normal-state+))
(defun unhide-window (window)
(when (window-in-current-group-p window)
(xwin-unhide (window-xwin window) (window-parent window)))
(setf (window-state window) +normal-state+)
;; Mark window as unhiden
(remove-wm-state (window-xwin window) :_NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN))
;; Despite the naming convention, this function takes a window struct,
;; not an xlib:window.
(defun xwin-hide (window)
(declare (type window window))
(unless (eq (xlib:window-map-state (window-xwin window)) :unmapped)
(setf (xwin-state (window-xwin window)) +iconic-state+)
(incf (window-unmap-ignores window))
(xlib:unmap-window (window-parent window))
(xlib:unmap-subwindows (window-parent window))))
(defun hide-window (window)
(dformat 2 "hide window: ~s~%" window)
(unless (eql (window-state window) +iconic-state+)
(setf (window-state window) +iconic-state+)
;; Mark window as hidden
(add-wm-state (window-xwin window) :_NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN)
(when (window-in-current-group-p window)
(xwin-hide window)
(when (eq window (current-window))
(group-lost-focus (window-group window))))))
(defun window-maxsize-p (win)
"Returns T if WIN specifies maximum dimensions."
(let ((hints (window-normal-hints win)))
(and hints (or (xlib:wm-size-hints-max-width hints)
(xlib:wm-size-hints-max-height hints)
(xlib:wm-size-hints-min-aspect hints)
(xlib:wm-size-hints-max-aspect hints)))))
(defun xwin-type (win)
"Return one of :desktop, :dock, :toolbar, :utility, :splash,
:dialog, :transient, and :normal. Right now
only :dock, :dialog, :normal, and :transient are
actually returned; see +NETWM-WINDOW-TYPES+."
(or (let ((net-wm-window-type (xlib:get-property win :_NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE)))
(when net-wm-window-type
(dolist (type-atom net-wm-window-type)
(when (assoc (xlib:atom-name *display* type-atom) +netwm-window-types+)
(return (cdr (assoc (xlib:atom-name *display* type-atom) +netwm-window-types+)))))))
(and (xlib:get-property win :WM_TRANSIENT_FOR)
(defun xwin-strut (screen win)
"Return the area that the window wants to reserve along the edges of the screen.
Values are left, right, top, bottom, left_start_y, left_end_y,
right_start_y, right_end_y, top_start_x, top_end_x, bottom_start_x
and bottom_end_x."
(let ((net-wm-strut-partial (xlib:get-property win :_NET_WM_STRUT_PARTIAL)))
(if (= (length net-wm-strut-partial) 12)
(apply 'values net-wm-strut-partial)
(let ((net-wm-strut (xlib:get-property win :_NET_WM_STRUT)))
(if (= (length net-wm-strut) 4)
(apply 'values (concatenate 'list net-wm-strut
(list 0 (screen-height screen)
0 (screen-height screen)
0 (screen-width screen)
0 (screen-width screen))))
(values 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0))))))
;; Stolen from Eclipse
(defun xwin-send-configuration-notify (xwin x y w h bw)
"Send a synthetic configure notify event to the given window (ICCCM 4.1.5)"
(xlib:send-event xwin :configure-notify nil
:event-window xwin
:window xwin
:x x :y y
:width w
:height h
:border-width bw
:propagate-p nil))
(defun update-window-gravity ()
(dolist (s *screen-list*)
(dolist (g (screen-groups s))
(mapc 'maximize-window (group-windows g)))))
(defun set-normal-gravity (gravity)
"Set the default gravity for normal windows. Possible values are
@code{:center} @code{:top} @code{:left} @code{:right} @code{:bottom}
@code{:top-left} @code{:top-right} @code{:bottom-left} and
(setf *normal-gravity* gravity)
(defun set-maxsize-gravity (gravity)
"Set the default gravity for maxsize windows."
(setf *maxsize-gravity* gravity)
(defun set-transient-gravity (gravity)
"Set the default gravity for transient/pop-up windows."
(setf *transient-gravity* gravity)
(defun gravity-for-window (win)
(or (window-gravity win)
(and (window-maxsize-p win) *maxsize-gravity*)
(ecase (window-type win)
(:dock *normal-gravity*)
(:normal *normal-gravity*)
((:transient :dialog) *transient-gravity*))))
(defun window-width-inc (window)
"Find out what is the correct step to change window width"
(xlib:wm-size-hints-width-inc (window-normal-hints window))
(defun window-height-inc (window)
"Find out what is the correct step to change window height"
(xlib:wm-size-hints-height-inc (window-normal-hints window))
(defun set-window-geometry (win &key x y width height border-width)
(macrolet ((update (xfn wfn v)
`(when ,v ;; (/= (,wfn win) ,v))
(setf (,xfn (window-xwin win)) ,v)
,(when wfn `(setf (,wfn win) ,v)))))
(xlib:with-state ((window-xwin win))
(update xlib:drawable-x nil x)
(update xlib:drawable-y nil y)
(update xlib:drawable-width window-width width)
(update xlib:drawable-height window-height height)
(update xlib:drawable-border-width nil border-width)
(defun find-free-window-number (group)
"Return a free window number for GROUP."
(find-free-number (mapcar 'window-number (group-windows group))))
(defun reparent-window (screen window)
;; apparently we need to grab the server so the client doesn't get
;; the mapnotify event before the reparent event. that's what fvwm
;; says.
(xlib:with-server-grabbed (*display*)
(let ((master-window (xlib:create-window
:parent (screen-root screen)
:x (xlib:drawable-x (window-xwin window)) :y (xlib:drawable-y (window-xwin window))
:width (window-width window)
:height (window-height window)
:background (if (eq (window-type window) :normal)
(screen-win-bg-color screen)
:border (screen-unfocus-color screen)
:border-width (default-border-width-for-type window)
:event-mask *window-parent-events*)))
(unless (eq (xlib:window-map-state (window-xwin window)) :unmapped)
(incf (window-unmap-ignores window)))
(xlib:reparent-window (window-xwin window) master-window 0 0)
(xwin-grab-buttons master-window)
;; ;; we need to update these values since they get set to 0,0 on reparent
;; (setf (window-x window) 0
;; (window-y window) 0)
(xlib:add-to-save-set (window-xwin window))
(setf (window-parent window) master-window))))
(defun process-existing-windows (screen)
"Windows present when stumpwm starts up must be absorbed by stumpwm."
(let ((children (xlib:query-tree (screen-root screen)))
(*processing-existing-windows* t)
(stacking (xlib:get-property (screen-root screen) :_NET_CLIENT_LIST_STACKING :type :window)))
(when stacking
(dformat 3 "Using window stacking: ~{~X ~}~%" stacking)
(setf children (stable-sort children #'< :key
(lambda (xwin)
(or (position (xlib:drawable-id xwin) stacking :test #'=) 0)))))
(dolist (win children)
(let ((map-state (xlib:window-map-state win))
(wm-state (xwin-state win)))
;; Don't process override-redirect windows.
(unless (or (eq (xlib:window-override-redirect win) :on)
(internal-window-p screen win))
(if (eq (xwin-type win) :dock)
(dformat 1 "Window ~S is dock-type. Placing in mode-line.~%" win)
(place-mode-line-window screen win))
(if (or (eql map-state :viewable)
(eql wm-state +iconic-state+))
(dformat 1 "Processing ~S ~S~%" (xwin-name win) win)
(process-mapped-window screen win))))))))
(dolist (w (screen-windows screen))
(setf (window-state w) +normal-state+)
(xwin-hide w)))
(defun xwin-grab-keys (win screen)
(labels ((grabit (w key)
(loop for code in (multiple-value-list (xlib:keysym->keycodes *display* (key-keysym key))) do
;; some keysyms aren't mapped to keycodes so just ignore them.
(when code
;; Some keysyms, such as upper case letters, need the
;; shift modifier to be set in order to grab properly.
(when (and (not (eql (key-keysym key) (xlib:keycode->keysym *display* code 0)))
(eql (key-keysym key) (xlib:keycode->keysym *display* code 1)))
;; don't butcher the caller's structure
(setf key (copy-structure key)
(key-shift key) t))
(xlib:grab-key w code
:modifiers (x11-mods key) :owner-p t
:sync-pointer-p nil :sync-keyboard-p nil)
;; Ignore capslock and numlock by also grabbing the
;; keycombos with them on.
(xlib:grab-key w code :modifiers (x11-mods key nil t) :owner-p t
:sync-keyboard-p nil :sync-keyboard-p nil)
(when (modifiers-numlock *modifiers*)
(xlib:grab-key w code
:modifiers (x11-mods key t nil) :owner-p t
:sync-pointer-p nil :sync-keyboard-p nil)
(xlib:grab-key w code :modifiers (x11-mods key t t) :owner-p t
:sync-keyboard-p nil :sync-keyboard-p nil))))))
(dolist (map (dereference-kmaps (top-maps screen)))
(dolist (i (kmap-bindings map))
(grabit win (binding-key i))))))
(defun grab-keys-on-window (win)
(xwin-grab-keys (window-xwin win) (window-group win)))
(defun xwin-ungrab-keys (win)
(xlib:ungrab-key win :any :modifiers :any))
(defun ungrab-keys-on-window (win)
(xwin-ungrab-keys (window-xwin win)))
(defun xwin-grab-buttons (win)
;; FIXME: Why doesn't grabbing button :any work? We have to
;; grab them one by one instead.
(xwin-ungrab-buttons win)
(loop for i from 1 to 7
do (xlib:grab-button win i '(:button-press)
:modifiers :any
:owner-p nil
:sync-pointer-p t
:sync-keyboard-p nil)))
(defun xwin-ungrab-buttons (win)
(xlib:ungrab-button win :any :modifiers :any))
(defun sync-keys ()
"Any time *top-map* is modified this must be called."
(loop for i in *screen-list*
do (xwin-ungrab-keys (screen-focus-window i))
do (loop for j in (screen-mapped-windows i)
do (xwin-ungrab-keys j))
do (xlib:display-finish-output *display*)
do (loop for j in (screen-mapped-windows i)
do (xwin-grab-keys j i))
do (xwin-grab-keys (screen-focus-window i) i))
(xlib:display-finish-output *display*))
(defun netwm-remove-window (window)
(xlib:delete-property (window-xwin window) :_NET_WM_DESKTOP))
(defun process-mapped-window (screen xwin)
"Add the window to the screen's mapped window list and process it as
(let ((window (xwin-to-window xwin)))
(screen-add-mapped-window screen xwin)
;; windows always have border width 0. Their parents provide the
;; border.
(set-window-geometry window :border-width 0)
(setf (xlib:window-event-mask (window-xwin window)) *window-events*)
(register-window window)
(reparent-window screen window)
(netwm-set-allowed-actions window)
(let ((placement-data (place-window screen window)))
(apply 'group-add-window (window-group window) window placement-data)
;; If the placement rule matched then either the window's group
;; is the current group or the rule's :lock attribute was
;; on. Either way the window's group should become the current
;; one (if it isn't already) if :raise is T.
(when placement-data
(if (getf placement-data :raise)
(switch-to-group (window-group window))
(message "Placing window ~a in group ~a" (window-name window) (group-name (window-group window))))
(apply 'run-hook-with-args *place-window-hook* window (window-group window) placement-data)))
;; must call this after the group slot is set for the window.
(grab-keys-on-window window)
;; quite often the modeline displays the window list, so update it
;; Run the new window hook on it.
(run-hook-with-args *new-window-hook* window)
(defun find-withdrawn-window (xwin)
"Return the window and screen for a withdrawn window."
(declare (type xlib:window xwin))
(dolist (i *screen-list*)
(let ((w (find xwin (screen-withdrawn-windows i) :key 'window-xwin :test 'xlib:window-equal)))
(when w
(return-from find-withdrawn-window (values w i))))))
(defun restore-window (window)
"Restore a withdrawn window"
(declare (type window window))
;; put it in a valid group
(let* ((screen (window-screen window))
(group (get-window-placement screen window)))
(unless (find (window-group window)
(screen-groups screen))
(setf (window-group window) (or group (screen-current-group screen))))
;; FIXME: somehow it feels like this could be merged with group-add-window
(setf (window-title window) (xwin-name (window-xwin window))
(window-class window) (xwin-class (window-xwin window))
(window-res window) (xwin-res-name (window-xwin window))
(window-role window) (xwin-role (window-xwin window))
(window-type window) (xwin-type (window-xwin window))
(window-normal-hints window) (get-normalized-normal-hints (window-xwin window))
(window-number window) (find-free-window-number (window-group window))
(window-state window) +iconic-state+
(xwin-state (window-xwin window)) +iconic-state+
(screen-withdrawn-windows screen) (delete window (screen-withdrawn-windows screen))
;; put the window at the end of the list
(group-windows (window-group window)) (append (group-windows (window-group window)) (list window)))
(screen-add-mapped-window screen (window-xwin window))
(register-window window)
(group-add-window (window-group window) window)
(netwm-set-group window)
;; It is effectively a new window in terms of the window list.
(run-hook-with-args *new-window-hook* window)
;; FIXME: only called frame-raise-window instead of this function
;; which will likely call focus-all.
(group-raise-request (window-group window) window :map)))
(defun withdraw-window (window)
"Withdrawing a window means just putting it in a list til we get a destroy event."
(declare (type window window))
;; This function cannot request info about WINDOW from the xserver as it may not exist anymore.
(let ((group (window-group window))
(screen (window-screen window)))
(dformat 1 "withdraw window ~a~%" screen)
;; Save it for later since it is only withdrawn, not destroyed.
(push window (screen-withdrawn-windows screen))
(setf (window-state window) +withdrawn-state+
(xwin-state (window-xwin window)) +withdrawn-state+)
(xlib:unmap-window (window-parent window))
;; Clean up the window's entry in the screen and group
(setf (group-windows group)
(delete window (group-windows group)))
(screen-remove-mapped-window screen (window-xwin window))
(when (window-in-current-group-p window)
;; since the window doesn't exist, it doesn't have focus.
(setf (screen-focus screen) nil))
(netwm-remove-window window)
(group-delete-window group window)
;; quite often the modeline displays the window list, so update it
;; Run the destroy hook on the window
(run-hook-with-args *destroy-window-hook* window)))
(defun destroy-window (window)
(declare (type window window))
"The window has been destroyed. clean up our data structures."
;; This function cannot request info about WINDOW from the xserver
(let ((screen (window-screen window)))
(unless (eql (window-state window) +withdrawn-state+)
(withdraw-window window))
;; now that the window is withdrawn, clean up the data structures
(setf (screen-withdrawn-windows screen)
(delete window (screen-withdrawn-windows screen)))
(setf (screen-urgent-windows screen)
(delete window (screen-urgent-windows screen)))
(dformat 1 "destroy window ~a~%" screen)
(dformat 3 "destroying parent window~%")
(dformat 7 "parent window is ~a~%" (window-parent window))
(xlib:destroy-window (window-parent window))))
(defun move-window-to-head (group window)
"Move window to the head of the group's window list."
(declare (type group group))
(declare (type window window))
;(assert (member window (screen-mapped-windows screen)))
(move-to-head (group-windows group) window)
(netwm-update-client-list-stacking (group-screen group)))
(defun no-focus (group last-win)
"don't focus any window but still read keyboard events."
(dformat 3 "no-focus~%")
(let* ((screen (group-screen group)))
(when (eq group (screen-current-group screen))
(xlib:set-input-focus *display* (screen-focus-window screen) :POINTER-ROOT)
(setf (screen-focus screen) nil)
(move-screen-to-head screen))
(when last-win
(update-decoration last-win))))
(defmethod focus-window (window)
"Make the window visible and give it keyboard focus."
(dformat 3 "focus-window: ~s~%" window)
(let* ((group (window-group window))
(screen (group-screen group))
(cw (screen-focus screen)))
;; If window to focus is already focused then our work is done.
(unless (eq window cw)
(raise-window window)
(screen-set-focus screen window)
;;(send-client-message window :WM_PROTOCOLS +wm-take-focus+)
(update-decoration window)
(when cw
(update-decoration cw))
;; Move the window to the head of the mapped-windows list
(move-window-to-head group window)
(run-hook-with-args *focus-window-hook* window cw))))
(defun xwin-kill (window)
"Kill the client associated with window."
(dformat 3 "Kill client~%")
(xlib:kill-client *display* (xlib:window-id window)))
(defun select-window-from-menu (windows fmt)
"Allow the user to select a window from the list passed in @var{windows}. The
@var{fmt} argument specifies the window formatting used. Returns the window
(second (select-from-menu (current-screen)
(mapcar (lambda (w)
(list (format-expand *window-formatters* fmt w) w))
(or (position (current-window) windows) 0))))
;;; Window commands
(defcommand delete-window (&optional (window (current-window))) ()
"Delete a window. By default delete the current window. This is a
request sent to the window. The window's client may decide not to
grant the request or may not be able to if it is unresponsive."
(when window
(send-client-message window :WM_PROTOCOLS (xlib:intern-atom *display* :WM_DELETE_WINDOW))))
(defcommand-alias delete delete-window)
(defcommand kill-window (&optional (window (current-window))) ()
"Tell X to disconnect the client that owns the specified
window. Default to the current window. if
@command{delete-window} didn't work, try this."
(when window
(xwin-kill (window-xwin window))))
(defcommand-alias kill kill-window)
(defcommand title (title) ((:rest "Set window's title to: "))
"Override the current window's title."
(if (current-window)
(setf (window-user-title (current-window)) title)
(message "No Focused Window")))
(defcommand select-window (query) ((:window-name "Select: "))
"Switch to the first window that starts with @var{query}."
(let (match)
(labels ((match (win)
(let* ((wname (window-name win))
(end (min (length wname) (length query))))
(string-equal wname query :end1 end :end2 end))))
(unless (null query)
(setf match (find-if #'match (group-windows (current-group)))))
(when match
(group-focus-window (current-group) match)))))
(defcommand-alias select select-window)
(defcommand select-window-by-name (name) ((:window-name "Select: "))
"Switch to the first window whose name is exactly @var{name}."
(let ((win (find name (group-windows (current-group))
:test #'string= :key #'window-name)))
(when win
(group-focus-window (current-group) win))))
(defcommand select-window-by-number (num &optional (group (current-group)))
((:window-number "Select: "))
"Find the window with the given number and focus it in its frame."
(labels ((match (win)
(= (window-number win) num)))
(let ((win (find-if #'match (group-windows group))))
(when win
(group-focus-window group win)))))
(defcommand other-window (&optional (group (current-group))) ()
"Switch to the window last focused."
(let* ((wins (group-windows group))
;; the frame could be empty
(win (if (group-current-window group)
(second wins)
(first wins))))
(if win
(group-focus-window group win)
(echo-string (group-screen group) "No other window."))))
(defcommand-alias other other-window)
(defcommand renumber (nt &optional (group (current-group))) ((:number "Number: "))
"Change the current window's number to the specified number. If another window
is using the number, then the windows swap numbers. Defaults to current group."
(let ((nf (window-number (group-current-window group)))
(win (find-if #'(lambda (win)
(= (window-number win) nt))
(group-windows group))))
;; Is it already taken?
(if win
;; swap the window numbers
(setf (window-number win) nf)
(setf (window-number (group-current-window group)) nt))
;; Just give the window the number
(setf (window-number (group-current-window group)) nt))))
(defcommand-alias number renumber)
(defcommand repack-window-numbers (&optional preserved) ()
"Ensure that used window numbers do not have gaps; ignore PRESERVED window numbers."
(let* ((group (current-group))
(windows (sort-windows group)))
(loop for w in windows
do (unless (find (window-number w) preserved)
(window-number w)
(window-number w)
(mapcar 'window-number windows))
(defcommand windowlist (&optional (fmt *window-format*)) (:rest)
"Allow the user to Select a window from the list of windows and focus
the selected window. For information of menu bindings
@xref{Menus}. The optional argument @var{fmt} can be specified to
override the default window formatting."
(if (null (group-windows (current-group)))
(message "No Managed Windows")
(let* ((group (current-group))
(window (select-window-from-menu (sort-windows group) fmt)))
(if window
(group-focus-window group window)
(throw 'error :abort)))))
(defcommand window-send-string (string &optional (window (current-window))) ((:rest "Insert: "))
"Send the string of characters to the current window as if they'd been typed."
(when window
(map nil (lambda (ch)
;; exploit the fact that keysyms for ascii characters
;; are the same as their ascii value.
(let ((sym (cond ((<= 32 (char-code ch) 127)
(char-code ch))
((char= ch #\Tab)
(stumpwm-name->keysym "TAB"))
((char= ch #\Newline)
(stumpwm-name->keysym "RET"))
(t nil))))
(when sym
(send-fake-key window
(make-key :keysym sym)))))
(defcommand-alias insert window-send-string)
(defcommand mark () ()
"Toggle the current window's mark."
(let ((win (current-window)))
(when win
(setf (window-marked win) (not (window-marked win)))
(message (if (window-marked win)
(defcommand clear-window-marks (&optional (group (current-group)) (windows (group-windows group))) ()
"Clear all marks in the current group."
(dolist (w windows)
(setf (window-marked w) nil)))
(defcommand-alias clear-marks clear-window-marks)
(defcommand echo-windows (&optional (fmt *window-format*) (group (current-group)) (windows (group-windows group))) (:rest)
"Display a list of managed windows. The optional argument @var{fmt} can
be used to override the default window formatting."
(let* ((wins (sort1 windows '< :key 'window-number))
(highlight (position (group-current-window group) wins))
(names (mapcar (lambda (w)
(format-expand *window-formatters* fmt w)) wins)))
(if (null wins)
(echo-string (group-screen group) "No Managed Windows")
(echo-string-list (group-screen group) names highlight))))
(defcommand-alias windows echo-windows)
(defcommand info (&optional (fmt *window-info-format*)) (:rest)
"Display information about the current window."
(if (current-window)
(message "~a" (format-expand *window-formatters* fmt (current-window)))
(message "No Current Window")))
(defcommand refresh () ()
"Refresh current window without changing its size."
(let* ((window (current-window))
(w (window-width window))
(h (window-height window)))
(set-window-geometry window
:width (- w (window-width-inc window))
:height (- h (window-height-inc window)))
;; make sure the first one goes through before sending the second
(xlib:display-finish-output *display*)
(set-window-geometry window
:width w
:height h)))