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(in-package :toolbox)
(defmacro uflow->zero (&body body)
"Map a gradual underflow onto the floating point value zero. This
could probably be done more cleanly and reliably by handling the
#+clisp `(ext:without-floating-point-underflow ,@body)
#+ecl `(progn (si:trap-fpe 'floating-point-underflow nil)
(prog1 (progn ,@body)
(si:trap-fpe 'floating-point-underflow t) ))
#-(or ecl clisp) `(progn ,@body) )
(defun =~ (tol &rest args)
"Test if the ARGS are all within TOLerance of one another"
(< (abs (- (apply #'max args) (apply #'min args))) tol) )
#| Examples
\(=~ 1d-2 1.414 (sqrt 2) (sqrt 2.001))
\(apply (cute #'=~ 1d-2) (list 1.414 (sqrt 2)))
(defun sign (x)
(cond ((< x 0) -1)
(t 1) ))
(defun find-root (fn low high &optional (precission 1d-6))
"Find a root of FN between LOW and HIGH to within PRECISSION."
(let ((f-lo (funcall fn low))
(f-hi (funcall fn high)))
(cond ((= 0 f-lo) low)
((= 0 f-hi) high)
((= (sign f-lo) (sign f-hi))
(error "In order for this to work, (FN LOW) and (FN HIGH) need to be on opposite sides of zero."))
(let ((sign (sign f-lo)))
((%find-root (low high)
(if (< (- high low) precission) (/ (+ low high) 2)
(let* ((midway (/ (+ low high) 2))
(val (* sign (funcall fn midway))))
(if (> val 0)
(%find-root midway high)
(%find-root low midway))))))
(%find-root low high)))))))