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Made the DEFUN-MEMOIZED macro reference the symbol SECOND rather that…

… the

function #'SECOND (the function is resolved later in the compilation).  This
means that you can now compile a file containing a DEFUN-MEMOIZED into a .fasl
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1 parent 3b93229 commit 96e865b5be6bd4de928a0b3795844c5d526e4d58 @smithzvk committed Jun 20, 2011
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@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ For in-depth examples, see the documentation."
&key return-cache (persistent (not return-cache))
(arg-fn ''identity)
access-fn setter-fn
- (cache-test #'second)
+ (cache-test ''second)
(storage '(make-hash-table :test 'equal)) )
(ensure-list name-spec)
(with-gensyms (cache args processed-args query sol)

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