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Jul 03, 2013

  1. Made some edits to the ppcre extensions, but can't really do what I w…

    …ant, exactly.
    These should probably be deprecated: they are not unique enough to move to ppcre
    master, but the tools in master cannot do this exactly.  All and all it is a bit
    annoying and I will have to keep them around.
    authored July 03, 2013

Mar 28, 2011

  1. Zach Kost-Smith

    Improvements to REG-SCAN-TO-STRING and REG-SCAN-TO-STRINGS (exporting…

    … the latter)
    authored March 27, 2011

Dec 16, 2010

  1. Zach Kost-Smith

    Well, a ton of various changes because I haven't made a commit in a

    long time.  Sorry.
    	modified:   anaphoric.lisp
    	modified:   applied.lisp
    	modified:   dbind.lisp
    	modified:   misc.lisp
    	modified:   number-theory.lisp
    	modified:   numerics.lisp
    	modified:   on.lisp
    	modified:   package.lisp
    	modified:   string-algs.lisp
    	modified:   toolbox.asd
    authored December 16, 2010

May 05, 2008

  1. Zach Kost-Smith

    Now using Alexandria which replaces some utilities (copy-array,

    make-circular-list, etc...).  Also change head and tail (tail is much better
    authored May 05, 2008

Sep 25, 2007

  1. Added a bunch of stuff:

      Added comments to on.lisp
      Added copy-array to misc.lisp
      Added t-it to on.lisp
      Greatly improved cut/cute implementation
    authored September 24, 2007

Sep 13, 2007

  1. Initial commit : lisp toolbox

    authored September 13, 2007
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