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Changed the versioned array structure to a simple cons. This is simpl…

…er, but

may cause confusion to the user.
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1 parent 8a54b20 commit 9c7a44744aad72fdd576f0b3a6fe22cb880bacb6 Zach Kost-Smith committed
Showing with 7 additions and 11 deletions.
  1. +7 −11 versioned-arrays.lisp
18 versioned-arrays.lisp
@@ -6,8 +6,6 @@
(in-package :versioned-arrays)
-(modf-def:defstruct ver-array mods array)
(defun make-versioned-array (dimensions
&rest args
&key (element-type t)
@@ -17,16 +15,14 @@
"Make a versioned array."
(when (or adjustable fill-pointer displaced-to displaced-index-offset)
(error "The capabilities: adjustable, fill-pointer, displaced-to, displaced-index-offset are not implemented yet") )
- (make-ver-array :mods nil :array (apply #'make-array dimensions args)) )
+ (apply #'make-array dimensions args) )
(defun varef (v-arr &rest idx)
- (let ((result
- (iter (for (new-val . jdx) in (ver-array-mods v-arr))
- (finding new-val such-that (equal idx jdx)) )))
- (if result
- result
- (apply #'aref (ver-array-array v-arr) idx) )))
+ (if (consp v-arr)
+ (if (equal (rest (first v-arr)) idx)
+ (first (first v-arr))
+ (varef (rest v-arr)) )
+ (apply #'aref v-arr idx) ))
(define-modf-function varef 1 (new-val v-arr &rest idx)
- (modf (ver-array-mods v-arr)
- (cons (cons new-val idx) (ver-array-mods v-arr)) ))
+ (cons (cons new-val idx) v-arr) )

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