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Added .asd files for the project and the test suite.

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1 parent 6755722 commit c8a5876cc77602e20aa938f4da8ee68e9b053689 @smithzvk committed Jun 25, 2011
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8 versioned-arrays-test.asd
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+(asdf:defsystem :versioned-arrays-test
+ :name "Versioned Arrays test suite"
+ :author "Zachary Smith <>"
+ :license "BSD"
+ :components ((:file "test"))
+ :serial t
+ :depends-on (:iterate :versioned-arrays :stefil :bordeaux-threads :modf) )
21 versioned-arrays.asd
@@ -0,0 +1,21 @@
+(asdf:defsystem :versioned-arrays
+ :name "Versioned Arrays"
+ :author "Zachary Smith <>"
+ :license "BSD"
+ :description
+ "This library implements thin versioned arrays. These arrays allow for
+somewhat cheap functional arrays. Instead of copying an array, we mutate the
+array, move it, and store a diff, or delta, and a pointer to the mutated array
+in the location where the array used to be. This allows you to make large
+versioned trees of these arrays that only require storage O\(N+m) where N is the
+number of elements and m is the number of deltas \(the naive alternative is
+O\(N*m)). Access time is O\(m), where m is the number of changes between you
+and the actual array, so this is particularly well suited for cases where the
+interesting versions of an array are only a few deltas apart.
+After any access or modification, the array is rebased, or moved to the verion
+you are at, meaning that changes or accesses from this version are now O\(1)."
+ :components ((:file "versioned-arrays"))
+ :serial t
+ :depends-on (:iterate :bordeaux-threads :modf) )

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