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Scripts that finalize my MacOS config & installs apps
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MacOS Setup Scripts

These scripts complete my MacOS configuration by changing a bunch of MacOS settings ( and installing my base applications ( and then configuring a few apps (

This is completely catered to my own taste and installs applications that I use. If you're like to use this form of automated install, go over each script and have a look at the settings it configures and the apps that it installs to personalise it to your needs.

These scripts will work on a freshly installed MacOS device. It uses Homebrew and the Mac App Store CLI to install applications.

There's also the directory 'offline-apps/' and the script runs to all downloaded .pkg files and installs them as well. At the bottom of is also a list of URLs to DMG files that it will download, mount and detect whether to just move it to /Applications or use the installer cli.


  • sh
  • reboot
  • sh
  • reboot
  • sh
  • reboot
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