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SSD1306OLED Python 2.0.0

A hardware driver for the Adafruit 128x32 OLED and Adafruit 128x64 OLED panels, which are based on the Solomon SSD1306 controller. The OLEDs communicate over any I²C bus.

The driver is compatible with MicroPython and CircuitPython.

Character Set

The driver contains a full, proportionally spaced Ascii character set with Ascii values 32 through 127. Codes 0 through 31 are used for user-defined characters.

I2C Addressing

The displays have the following default I2C addresses:

  • 128x32 — 0x3C
  • 128x64 — 0x3D

The first of these is the constructor default, so you will need to pass in the second value if you are using the larger panel. You will need to pass in an alternative address if you have changed it at the board level.


You can find full details of the driver’s methods at my documentation site.

Release Notes

  • 2.0.0 16 September 2022
    • Combine MicroPython and CircuitPython versions into a single class.
    • Update examples.
  • 1.0.0 25 August 2020
    • Initial public release


The SSD1306OLED library is licensed under the MIT License.