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XBeeParser 1.0.5

This is an XBee packet decoder written in Python 3.

It is a work in progress. The current version decodes all the standard XBee packets, and provides further decoding of a limited (but growing) selection of Zigbee Device Object (ZDO) commands (eg. 16-bit network address request) and general (aka ‘global’) Zigbee Cluster Library commands (eg. Read Attribute).


Run XBeeParser at the command line and provide a code XBee packet as a string of hexadecimal octets:

python 7e0020950013a20040522baa7d84027d840013a20040522baa2000fffe0101c105101e1b

The XBee packet string need not be a single string; you can also include spaces:

python 7e 00 20 95 00 13 a2 00 40 52 2b aa 7d 84 02 7d 84 00 13 a2 00 40 52 2b aa 20 00
    ff fe 01 01 c1 05 10 1e 1b

Make XBeeParser Global

To simplify usage of XBeeParser, run the following commands:

  1. mv /usr/local/bin/xbp
  2. chmod +x /usr/local/bin/xbp

Then you run XBeeParser from any location in your filesystem:

xbp 7e 00 05 88 05 45 45 00 e8


By default, XBeeParser assumes packets have been escaped, but this can be disabled with the -e or --escape switch. Follow this with false to disable escaping (or true to be explicit about enabling escaping.


XBeeParser has the following options:

Short Long Values Description
-e --escape true or false Use escaping when decoding packets. Default: true
-d --debug true or false Show extra debug information. Default: false
-v --version N/A Show version information
-h --help N/A Show help information


Using Options

python -d true -e false 7e0020950013a20040522baa7d84027d840013a20040522baa2000fffe0101c105101e1b

This generates the following output:

Extra debugging information will be printed during decoding
Packet decoding will not use escaping
XBee frame found
Frame length                  : 32 bytes
XBee command ID               : 95 "Node identification indicator response"
Address (64-bit)              : 0013A20040522BAA
Address (16-bit)              : 7D84
Status                        : Packet a Broadcast Packet
Address (16-bit)              : 7D84
Address (64-bit)              : 0013A20040522BAA
NI string                     : Default
Parent address (16-bit)       : FFFE
Device type                   : Router
Source event                  : Pushbutton
Digi Profile ID               : C105
Manufacturer ID               : 101E
Checksum                      : 1B


python 7E 002D 91 0013A200 40522BAA 06FC 00 00 8038 0000 01 01 00 00F8FF07 1D00 0000 10 54 5E 69 5B 4B 48 44 48 55 55 57 46 51 41 44 4B 6E

This generates the following output:

XBee frame found
Frame length                  : 45 bytes
XBee command ID               : 91 "Zigbee explicit RX indicator"
Address (64-bit)              : 0013A20040522BAA
Address (16-bit)              : 06FC
Source endpoint               : 00
Destination endpoint          : 00
Cluster ID                    : 8038
Profile ID                    : 0000
Status                        : Packet acknowledged
Frame data                    : 010000F8FF071D00000010545E695B4B484448555557465141444B
  ZDO command                 : Management Network Update Response
  Transaction seq. number     : 01
  Response status             : Success
Checksum                      : 6E


The file contains further examples.

Release Notes

  • 1.0.5 — Unreleased
    • Code improvements and restyling
    • Minor bug fixes
  • 1.0.4 — 9 January 2019
    • Add intro text on run
    • Some code clean-up
  • 1.0.3 — 8 November 2019
    • Fix ZDO address lookup response type check
  • 1.0.2 — 6 November 2018
    • Add Discover Commands Received, Discover Commands Generated request decoders
    • Add Discover Commands Received, Discover Commands Generated response decoders
    • Add further XBee command constants
    • Add XBee commands:
      • 0xA4: Register joining device status
      • 0xA5: Join notification status
    • Update help, version info
    • Fix little endian byte order on ZCL frame decoders
  • 1.0.1 — 5 November 2018
    • Fix incorrect attribute type display
    • Fix attribute value display bug
  • 1.0.0 — 2 November 2018
    • Initial release

XBeeParser's source code is issued under the MIT license.

XBeeParser source code is copyright © 2018-19, Tony Smith.

XBee is a brand of Digi International.


Python tool to decode packets received or transmitted by XBee modules







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