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jmapc: A JMAP client library for Python

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Currently implemented:

  • Basic models
  • Request methods:
    • Core/echo
    • Email/changes
    • Email/copy
    • Email/get
    • Email/query
    • Email/queryChanges
    • Email/set
    • EmailSubmission/* (get, changes, query, queryChanges, set)
    • Identity/* (get, changes, set)
    • Mailbox/* (get, changes, query, queryChanges, set)
    • SearchSnippet/* (get)
    • Thread/* (get, changes)
    • Arbitrary methods via the CustomMethod class
  • Fastmail-specific methods:
  • Combined requests with support for result references
  • Basic JMAP method response error handling
  • EventSource event handling
  • Unit tests for basic functionality and methods


jmapc is available on PyPI:

pip install jmapc


Any of the included examples can be invoked with poetry run: \
JMAP_API_TOKEN=ness__pk_fire \
poetry run examples/

If successful, examples/ should output something like:

Identity 12345 is for Ness at
Identity 67890 is for Ness at


Poetry installation

Via pipx:

pip install pipx
pipx install poetry
pipx inject poetry poetry-dynamic-versioning poetry-pre-commit-plugin

Via pip:

pip install poetry
poetry self add poetry-dynamic-versioning poetry-pre-commit-plugin

Development tasks

  • Setup: poetry install
  • Run static checks: poetry run poe lint or poetry run pre-commit run --all-files
  • Run static checks and tests: poetry run poe test

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