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Clash Royale

Since this repo is getting somewhat large, additional repositories have been created which contain subsets of content in this repo:


Assets were extracted from the Clash Royale APK using publicly available scripts.

  • Latest version: 2.2.1 (released on April 25, 2017)

Image assets (*.SC)

CR-SC-Dump is used to decrypt sc/* files which output image sprites of the character animations

Additionally, sc_decode is used to turn the sprites into useful frames.

High Res Images

The apk comes with low-res images only. In order to get the high-res assets, you will need a rooted Android (rooted emulator like Nox also works).

You will find anything that’s downloaded from the SC server inside: /data/data/com.supercell.clashroyale/update

CSV files decryption

QuickBMS is used to decrypt the CSV files.

Step by Step

  1. Rename apk to zip and expand to folder with any zip file handler. (alternatively, run apktool d clashroyale.apk to extract files and decompile to smali if you wish to do some additional digging)

  2. Copy into ./assets/sc folder and run find . -name '*' | xargs python ./ This will decrypt texture files as PNG inside the ./assets/sc folder. Keep them for use later. You may remove from the folder after it has done its job.

  3. Run find . -not -name '*' -name '*.sc' -exec quickbms ./ {} \; to use QuickBMS and the Clash Royale BMS script to decrypt remaining sc files in ./assets/sc folder.

  4. Run ./ . to unpack csv files in ./assets/csv_client and ./assets/csv_logic

  5. With all the sc files decoded, you can now safely remove them. find -name '*.sc' -exec rm {} \;

  6. Copy and to ./assets/sc/ folder and change that as your working folder. Run find . -not -name '*.png' -not -name '*.py' -exec python3 ./ -s {} \; in ./assets/sc folder

Fan Kit

The official Clash Royale Fan Kit is included here for easy access. It is somewhat outdated as it was released in August, 2016.

Card Generation

A couple of Photoshop files were created to generate card graphics with the same dimension. This was achieved by using the dataset function paired with CSV data.

  • Folder: ./card-gen

Fun stuff

Python playground scripts just for fun.