A basic GET/POST widgets API for testing
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Widget API
Basic NodeJS API that provides basic GET/POST REST API testing services for a fake widgets store.
Install nodeJS. Run npm install in app directory to install dependencies. To start run node server.js. Listens on port 3001 - changeable in server.js

Edit the routes/widgets.json file with entries for your widgets - note id is mandatory.

Example - READ
curl "http://widgets.example.com:3001/widget/3"
{ "result": [ { "id": "3", "name": "shortWidget", "height": "31", "width": "33", "length": "4" } ] }

Example - CREATE
curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" --request POST --data '{"id": "4", "name": "shortWidget","height": "31","width": "33", "length": "4"}' "http://widgets.example.com:3001/widget"
{ "result": [ "Widget Created" ] }

Note a wildcard GET on ../widget/queryAll returns all entries.