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Ruby Database using Sinatra and Active Record
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TIY Database With Sinatra and ActiveRecord

This is a continuation of the TIY Database converted to use Active Record

  • To start this program you must have pstgresql and the sinatra gem installed
    • createdb tiy-database
    • pgcli tiy-database
    • CREATE TABLE employees(id serial, name text, phone text, address text, position text, salary integer, github text, slack text)
    • run from the command line: ruby tiydatabase.rb
    • open your browser to http://localhost:4567/
  • Validations added for:
    • name
    • salary
    • position must be either Instructor or Student
    • phone number to be in the correct format
  • The user is notified about what validation failed
  • Course information collected:
    • name
    • subject
    • start_date
    • end_date
    • intensive (boolean, true if intensive class, false otherwise)

TIY Database Sinatra Employees Index

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