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Homes4sale app for practice implementing functionality via Ruby, jQuery, Omniauth, etc.
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Homes4sale App

To see a working version of this app visit

The purpose of this app was to create a "Zillow Clone".

  • This app has Omniauth authentication, getting email, password, name, phone, address, and profile url.

  • Bootstrap 3 was used and then heavily customized.

  • The landing page has a different design than the rest of the app.

  • User are able to list a home for sale with the following required fields:

    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
    • Number of bedrooms
    • Number of baths
    • Square footage (can be changed via jQuery to square meters by clicking on it in the index and show pages)
    • Price
    • Description
  • And the following optional fields:

    • Parking (Allow values of: None, Street Parking, Attached Garage, Detatched Garage)
    • Image of house
    • Roof type
    • Lot size
    • HOA (boolean)
    • HOA fee
    • Number of floors
    • Year built
  • Photos of the home can be uploaded and are processed into 3 sizes, these are then available to see via a modal.

  • The index shows all the homes for sale.

  • Pagination is through the kaminari gem and is updated with AJAX

  • The home show page displays how long ago the home was posted with special colors for home listed less than 2 days ago and more than 30 days ago

  • Search functionality exists for address, city, state, zip, or any part of that field, and is updated with jQuery and AJAX as you type

  • Users are only permitted to edit or delete homes they created

  • A favoriting feature was added via jQuery and AJAX

  • Logout and Delete functions pop up an "Are you sure" modal

Homes4Sale Landing

Homes for Sale Index

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