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File based Node REST API mock server
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File based Node REST API mock server

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Getting Started

This application requires Node 6 or higher. For Node <6 please use node-mock-server@0.22.1 For Node <4 please use node-mock-server@0.11.0

1. Install npm package:
$ npm install node-mock-server --save-dev
2. Start init process:
$ node node_modules/node-mock-server/init


node-mock-server options

Usage examples

node-mock-server usage examples



$ node <nodeScript> --help

    $ node <nodeScript> [--version] [--help] <command> [<args>]

    $                  start mock server
    $ --version        print node-mock-server version
    $ --help           print help
    $ swagger-import   run a swagger import
    $ validate         run a validation for all mock data
    $ collections      print all available collections
    $ collection <id>  activate collection

    $ node demo/index.js --version
    $ node demo/index.js collections


git clone
cd node-mock-server
npm install
node demo


MIT License


Please see the Releases

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