DEPRECATED: This was Ready-to-clone base for an old version of Ocsigen web-application
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A Ready To Use Ocsigen Base Website


Somewhat standard OCaml build process:

    oasis setup
    ocaml -configure --prefix /some/path
    make static
The last command is optional, it builds the statically compiled
version of the web-application.

You may run `make install' to install the ocsibase-manager
application, but it is kind-of useless.


The application `ocsibase-manager` takes care of launching/preparing the
web-server with the right auto-generated configuration files and directories.
It has three commands:

Run in Test Mode


    _build/src/app/ocsibase-manager test -help

to run the website in byte-code mode.


    ocsibase-manager test -port 8080 -ssl cert.pem privkey-unsec.pem -ssl-dir .

and go to visit http://localhost:8080/
If you indeed provided the SSL certificate you can switch to HTTPS (on
port 8080 - 80 + 443 = 8443).

See Ocsigen's documentation for creating 'test' self-signed SSL certificates:

In "Test Mode” the access-rights management in disabled (all
capability tests return `true`).

Statically Linked Server

After having done a `make static' one can run the ocsibaseserver
application (the statically and natively compiled web-server with the
web-app included).


    _build/src/app/ocsibase-manager static -port 8080

Create an RPM

The 'rpm' command creates an RPM containing the statically linked
web-server, config-files, a SysV /etc/init.d scripts.
It uses 'rpmbuild' (tested so far only on CentOS 6).

    _build/src/app/ocsibase-manager rpm -rpm-version 0.42 -rpm-release 2 \
       -ssl official-cert.pem real-privkey.key -ssl /etc/real-ssl-stuff/

The code in `src/simple_pam/simple_pam_stubs.c` has been extracted from XEN-API's
its license is hence LGPL+OCaml-link-exn.
Everything else is under the ISC license:

How To Change The Name

Clean-up everything you can:

    make clean
    ocaml -distclean
    oasis setup-clean
And then run this command (with some other name than 'mywww'):

    find . -type f -not -wholename "*/.git/*" \
           -exec  sed -i "s/[oO]csibase/mywww/g" {} \;