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Appcelerator-on-Rails is an attempt to bring some of the paradigms of Ruby on Rails to the Appcelerator platform. It includes a Model-View-Controller paradigm, a database migration mechanism, and generators to facilitate rapid application development.

Getting Started

Generate a new Appcelerator project using the Titanium SDK. Copy the contents of the Appcelerator-on-Rails/Resources directory into your newly created project's Resources directory, and you're off.


Generators require ruby and rubygems to be installed.

To generate a new controller and view:

ruby ./scripts/generate.rb controller main

To generate a new migration:

ruby ./scripts/generate.rb migration CreateUser

To generate a new model:

ruby ./scripts/generate.rb model user

NOTE: The model generator will implicitly generate a migration for that model.

The next time your app starts up, it will check for a pending migration and run it. Like Rails, it keeps track of previously run migrations.

App Organization

The idea behind the MVC paradigm is keep logic code separate from view code. Especially when designing universal apps, this becomes increasingly important to your app's architecture.

When creating a new window, you'll want to set the url parameter to your new window's controller.

    url: "controllers/main.js"

This controller then instantiates a corresponding view. Place all view-related code in the view, and attach event handlers to the view's controller. When the controller responds to events, it can, in turn, affect the view. Thus we've achieved MVC separation of concerns.


Uses TiStore from github.com/jcfischer/TiStore