Smooks Framework
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Latest commit c419f29 Nov 24, 2016 @robinsonduffy robinsonduffy committed with tfennelly Adding the option for EnumDecoder to be "less strict" (#119)
* Added "strict" configuration param to EnumDecoder.
This determines how data that do not map to valid enum constants will handled.
Under the default behavior, or when specifying strict as "true", an error will be thrown.
If strict is"false" null will be returned.

* Fixing a typo.

Smooks Framework

This is the git source code repository for the Smooks Project.

Build Status

Build Status

Local Build

  1. git clone git://
  2. cd smooks
  3. mvn clean install

Note you will need both maven (version 3+) and git installed on your local machine.

Docker Build

You can also build from the docker image:

  1. Install docker.
  2. Run sudo docker build -t smooks This will create a docker image named "smooks" that contains the correct build environment and a cloned copy of this git repo.
  3. Run sudo docker run -i smooks mvn clean install to build the source code.


You can join these groups and chats to discuss and ask Smooks related questions:

  • Mailing list: google groups: smooks-user
  • Mailing list: google groups: smooks-user
  • Chat room about using Smooks: gitter: smooks/smooks
  • Issue tracker: github: smooks/smooks


If you'd like to contribute some code/fixes to Smooks, please see the following guidelines.


Smooks is Open Source and available under the LGPL license, Version 3.0.