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import SoftLayer
# Your SoftLayer account credentials
# Connect to SoftLayer
client = SoftLayer.Client(username = USERNAME, api_key = API_KEY, endpoint_url = SoftLayer.API_PUBLIC_ENDPOINT)
# Search for bare metal servers that are reported to be down by the SL monitor
down_hardware = client['SoftLayer_Account'].getNetworkMonitorDownHardware()
for hw_obj in down_hardware :
monitors = client['SoftLayer_Hardware'].getNetworkMonitors(id = hw_obj['id'])
# Test whether this server's monitor is monitoring its public or private IP
private_monitor = None
public_monitor = None
for monitor in monitors :
if monitor['ipAddress'] == hw_obj['primaryIpAddress'] :
public_monitor = monitor.copy()
elif monitor['ipAddress'] == hw_obj['privateIpAddress'] :
private_monitor = monitor.copy()
# Reconfigure the monitor to use the private IP if necessary
if private_monitor is None :
if public_monitor is None :
print "Host %s is flagged down by SL, has no public or private monitor!" % hw_obj['fullyQualifiedDomainName']
else :
print "Host %s is flagged down by SL, has no private monitor; will fix" % hw_obj['fullyQualifiedDomainName']
new_monitor = public_monitor.copy()
del new_monitor['id']
del new_monitor['status']
del new_monitor['guestId']
new_monitor['ipAddress'] = hw_obj['privateIpAddress']
client['SoftLayer_Network_Monitor_Version1_Query_Host'].deleteObject(id = public_monitor['id'])
else :
print "Host %s is flagged down by SL, although it has a private monitor!" % hw_obj['fullyQualifiedDomainName']