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Sitch keeps you updated on what you follow. It currently supports the following sources:

Sitch is written in Rust (stable).


To install sitch, you need to have rust installed. Install the latest release by running the following with the rust package manager, cargo:

cargo install sitch


The usual way to run sitch is bare:

your@machine:~$ sitch
The following sources have updated since April 02, 2019 at 12:00 AM:
YouTube Channel - Northernlion: There have been 25 updates, the earliest was "Northernlion Plays - Katana Zero - Episode 6 [Rewind]" released on May 22, 2019 at 3:00 PM, found here: [2 seconds]
YouTube Channel - Joseph Anderson: There have been 2 updates, the earliest was "Hollow Knight DLC - Swansong for Silksong" released on April 30, 2019 at 2:34 PM, found here: [2 seconds]
YouTube Channel - Jacob Collier: There have been 3 updates, the earliest was "Jacob Collier - DJESSE World Tour: Recap" released on April 7, 2019 at 3:10 PM, found here: [2 seconds]
Bandcamp - Disasterpeace: There has been 1 update, it was "Under the Silver Lake by Disasterpeace" released on April 19, 2019 at 12:00 AM, found here: [43 seconds]

Sitch will remember when you last ran it and check for updates since then, and let you know in a pretty format.

You can also run it with notifications (tested only on Linux):

sitch --notify

They are displayed in the following format:

| Sitch - <Source Name>                |
|                                      |
| First Update Title [Open in Browser] |


To manage your sources, you can run the subcommands (e.g. rss or youtube) and they will explain how to manage them. You can add, list, or bulk edit them. You can also search for anime, manga, and YouTube channels. Try the following:

your@machine:~$ sitch youtube search
Search for an channel by name: Shnabubula
Found 5 results:
1: "Shnabubula" (id = UC9XtgFNeoDbjISzoJT0Qi9w)
2: "Shnabubula Archives" (id = UCAnR_x1Zw8QeOMKZNpPLmfA)
3: "Shnabubula - Topic" (id = UCafsTb5OoyWFAhDYvHvwrww)
4: "Red Tailed Fox & Shnabubula - Topic" (id = UClcNGxtDFYQ6koL5Diw-baw)
5: "Simply Retro DX" (id = UCW_quA3bcrfSl446z78Z0SQ)
Pick a result to add [1 to 5]: 1
Added a new channel.

Most of the sources are batteries included, but YouTube requires an API key for checking for updates and for using the search functionality. Sitch uses the YouTube API v3. You'll need to follow this link to get started. You can use the following to set your API key once you acquire one:

sitch youtube apikey set -k <YOUR KEY HERE>

If you don't set one, sitch will just ignore your YouTube channels until you set one.


Sitch is based on the MIT license.


Keeps you up to date on what you follow.



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