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Tools for extend OBJ-C classes (especially for extending classes belonging close sourced applications)

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Welcome to the initial work on SwizzleKit

SwizzleKit is intended to be a collection of macros, functions, categories and classes to facilitate a systematic way of extending closed sourced code.


Writing plugins for closed sourced applications is difficult and has become more difficult with 10.6 in 64bit mode.  

Writing stable and successful plugins require a good degree of methodical work to do trivial task such as writing categories, accessing ivars in methods.  SwizzleKit provides a formal way to do this so that theses tasks are bug free.

If you discover problems in the code, comment and, if possible, let me know what is a better way to do these things.

Use at your own risk. If using SwizzleKit results in horrible things, I absolve myself of all responsibility.

Have Fun.
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