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Mapping the Commodore 64 and 64C 11-20-16-1_Hyperlinks.xlsx
Mapping the Commodore 64 and 64C 11-23-16_FastLinks.xlsx


Update: I have added new hyperlinks to the Spreadsheet for the chapters, pages, VIC stuff, SID stuff, etc. This makes it much easier to navigate among a vast amount of cells. Use the file with the extension "FastLinks" to utilize this feature.

It is finally here, but not complete yet. However you will have access to the Commodore 64 memory map information and programs in this Excel spreadsheet. Currently it contains memory addresses 0-62097 (65535 total - to go)

When I have time I will try to finish it, but right now I have other projects going.

However the majority of addresses here will be beneficial.

Click on the Video below to watch the example on my YouTube Channel. I appreciate if you can subscribe! Thanks for visiting! :)

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