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Phoenix++ converted to use multiple processes
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Note: this is a hacked up variant of Phoenix++. I was not involved in the core Phoenix++ project. The original README follows:

Last revised May 15, 2011

1. What is Phoenix++

Phoenix++ is a C++ reimplementation of Phoenix 2.

Phoenix is a shared-memory implementation of Google's MapReduce model
for data-intensive processing tasks. Phoenix can be used to program
multi-core chips as well as shared-memory multiprocessors (SMPs and
ccNUMAs). Phoenix was developed as a class project for the EE382a
class at Stanford (Advanced Processor Architecture). The paper on
Phoenix won the best paper award in the HPCA'07 conference. 

The Phoenix webpage is:

2. What has Changed in Phoenix++

- C++ implementation and interface
- Designed using templates to reduce code that the user must write
    and to increase type safety and performance 
- Compiles on Mac OS X

3. What is Required

Phoenix++ uses C++ TR1 features. Your compiler should support TR1.

4. What is Provided

The Phoenix++ distribution includes the following directories:

docs:       Phoenix publications.

src:        The source code for the Phoenix++ MapReduce library.

tests:      The source code for the sample MapReduce applications.

scripts:    Supporting scripts.

include:    Header files for the Phoenix++ library.

lib:        Compiled Phoenix++ library.
Note: Three sample applications (i.e., kmeans, pca, and matrix_multiply)
      use randomly generated input data. For other workloads, additional input 
      datasets are necessary. This source code tar file does not include 
      these datasets. Please visit the Phoenix webpage to download additional 

5. License & Credit

Phoenix++ source code is distributed with a BSD-style license. The
copyright is held by Stanford University. Phoenix++ is provided "as is"
without any guarantees of any kind.

If you use Phoenix in your work or research, consider referencing the
HPCA'07 paper: 

 "Evaluating MapReduce for Multi-core and Multiprocessor Systems",
  Colby Ranger, Ramanan Raghuraman, Arun Penmetsa, Gary Bradski,
  Christos Kozyrakis.  Proceedings of the 13th Intl. Symposium on
  High-Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA), Phoenix, AZ, February

6. Contact Information

Phoenix++ was written by 
    Justin Talbot,
    Richard Yoo,

The Phoenix webpage is:

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