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README of misc directory
Last modified: Wed Dec 20 06:11:00 UTC 2000

- mindtermsrc-v121-compression.patch
  This file is a 'unofficial' patch for MindTerm v1.2.1. 
  It adds the packet compression support to this awesome SSH system.
  MindTerm is a SSH1 client program written in pure Java under GPL and
  developed by MindBright Technology.
  The source code of MindTerm v1.2.1 is available at 

  $ tar xzf mindtermsrc-v121.tgz
  $ cd mindbright
  $ patch -p1 < mindtermsrc-v121-compression.patch
Note: JZlib must be accessible via the class path.
  $ make
  $ cd ..
  $ java mindbright.application.MindTerm

  Before connecting to somewhere, select the compression level in
  the 'Settings->SSH Connection...' panel.
  If you add the debug option '--D' in invoking MindTerm,
  some informations related to the compression ratio will be printed out
  after the end of each session.

``SSH is a registered trademark and Secure Shell is a trademark of
SSH Communications Security Corp (www.ssh.com)''.