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=== 0.4.4 2010-10-31
* Fix LoadError rescue in tests: return can't be used in this context (Hans de Graaff)
* HTTP headers should be strings. (seancribbs)
* ensure consumer uri gets set back to original config even if an error occurs (Brian Finney)
* Yahoo uses & to split records in OAuth headers (Brian Finney)
* Added support for Rails 3 in client/action_controller_request (Pelle)
== 0.4.3 2010-09-01
* Fix for em-http proxy (ichverstehe)
== 0.4.2 2010-08-13
* Fixed compatibility with Ruby 1.9.2 (ecavazos)
* Fixed the em-http request proxy (Joshua Hull)
* Fix for oauth proxy string manipulation (Jakub Suder)
* Added Bundler (rc) Gemfile for easier dev/testing
== 0.4.1 2010-06-16
* Added support for using OAuth with proxies (Marsh Gardiner)
* Rails 3 Compatibility fixes (Pelle Braendgaard)
* Fixed load errors on tests for missing (non-required) libraries
== 0.4.0 2010-04-22
* Added computation of oauth_body_hash as per OAuth Request Body Hash 1.0
Draft 4 (Michael Reinsch)
* Added the optional `oauth_session_handle` parameter for the Yahoo implementation (Will Bailey)
* Better marshalling implementation (Yoan Blanc)
* Added optional block to OAuth::Consumer.get_*_token (Neill Pearman)
* Exclude `oauth_callback` with :exclude_callback (Neill Pearman)
* Strip extraneous spaces and line breaks from access_token responses
(observed in the wild with Yahoo!'s OAuth+OpenID hybrid) (Eric Hartmann)
* Stop double-escaping PLAINTEXT signatures (Jimmy Zimmerman)
* OAuth::Client::Helper won't override the specified `oauth_version`
(Philip Kromer)
* Support for Ruby 1.9 (Aaron Quint, Corey Donahoe, et al)
* Fixed an encoding / multibyte issue (成田 一生)
* Replaced hoe with Jeweler (Aaron Quint)
* Support for Typhoeus (Bill Kocik)
* Support for em-http (EventMachine) (Darcy Laycock)
* Support for curb (André Luis Leal Cardoso Junior)
* New website (Aaron Quint)
== 0.3.6 2009-09-14
* Added -B CLI option to use the :body authentication scheme (Seth)
* Respect `--method` in `authorize` CLI command (Seth)
* Support POST and PUT with raw bodies (Yu-Shan Fung et al)
* Test clean-up (Xavier Shay, Hannes Tydén)
* Added :ca_file consumer option to allow consumer specific certificate
override. (Pelle)
== 0.3.5 2009-06-03
* `query` CLI command to access protected resources (Seth)
* Added -H, -Q CLI options for specifying the authentication scheme (Seth)
* Added -O CLI option for specifying a file containing options (Seth)
* Support streamable body contents for large request bodies (Seth Cousins)
* Support for OAuth 1.0a (Seth)
* Added proxy support to OAuth::Consumer (Marshall Huss)
* Added --scope CLI option for Google's 'scope' parameter (Seth)
== 0.3.4 2009-05-06
* OAuth::Client::Helper uses OAuth::VERSION (chadisfaction)
* Fix OAuth::RequestProxy::ActionControllerRequest's handling of params
(Tristan Groléat)
== 0.3.3 2009-05-04
* Corrected OAuth XMPP namespace (Seth)
* Improved error handling for invalid Authorization headers (Matt Sanford)
* Fixed signatures for non-ASCII under $KCODE other than 'u' (Matt Sanford)
* Fixed edge cases in ActionControllerRequestProxy where params were being
incorrectly signed (Marcos Wright Kuhns)
* Support for arguments in OAuth::Consumer#get_access_token (Matt Sanford)
* Add gem version to user-agent header (Matt Sanford)
* Handle input from aggressive form encoding libraries (Matt Wood)
== 0.3.2 2009-03-23
* 2xx statuses should be treated as success (Anders Conbere)
* Support applications using the MethodOverride Rack middleware (László Bácsi)
* `authorize` command for `oauth` CLI (Seth)
* Initial support for Problem Reporting extension (Seth)
* Verify SSL certificates if CA certificates are available (Seth)
* Fixed ActionController parameter escaping behavior (Thiago Arrais, László
Bácsi, Brett Gibson, et al)
* Fixed signature calculation when both options and a block were provided to
OAuth::Signature::Base#initialize (Seth)
* Added help to the 'oauth' CLI (Seth)
* Fixed a problem when attempting to normalize MockRequest URIs (Seth)
== 0.3.1 2009-1-26
* Fixed a problem with relative and absolute token request paths. (Michael
== 0.3.0 2009-1-25
* Support ActionController::Request from Edge Rails (László Bácsi)
* Correctly handle multi-valued parameters (Seth)
* Added #normalized_parameters to OAuth::RequestProxy::Base (Pelle)
* OAuth::Signature.sign and friends now yield the RequestProxy instead of the
token when the passed block's arity is 1. (Seth)
* Token requests are made to the configured URL rather than generating a
potentially incorrect one. (Kellan Elliott-McCrea)
* Command-line app for generating signatures. (Seth)
* Improved test-cases and compatibility for encoding issues. (Pelle)
== 0.2.7 2008-9-10 The lets fix the last release release
* Fixed plain text signatures (Andrew Arrow)
* Fixed RSA requests using OAuthTokens. (Philip Lipu Tsai)
== 0.2.6 2008-9-9 The lets RSA release
* Improved support for Ruby 1.8.7 (Bill Kocik)
* Fixed RSA verification to support RSA providers
now using Ruby and RSA
* Improved RSA testing
* Omit token when signing with RSA
* Added support for 'private_key_file' option for RSA signatures (Chris Mear)
* Fixed several edge cases where params were being incorrectly signed (Scott
* Fixed RSA signing (choonkeat)
== 0.2.2 2008-2-22 Lets actually support SSL release
* Use HTTPS when required.
== 0.2 2008-1-19 All together now release
This is a big release, where we have merged the efforts of various parties into one common library.
This means there are definitely some API changes you should be aware of. They should be minimal
but please have a look at the unit tests.
== 0.1.2 2007-12-1
* Fixed checks for missing OAuth params to improve performance
* Includes Pat's fix for getting the realm out.
== 0.1.1 2007-11-26
* First release as a GEM
* Moved all non-Rails functionality from the Rails plugin: