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- You need GCC 3.4 or later to compile the s390 port.
- A working combination of autotools is required.
- To run valgrind a z900 machine or any later model is needed.
- 31-bit client programs are not supported.
- Hexadecimal floating point is not supported.
- Decimal floating point is not supported yet.
- Currently, only memcheck, massif, lackey, and none are supported
- helgrind and drd seem to work on SLES10,11 and RHEL5,6 on z9,z10 and z196
but might fail on other hardware/software combinations.
- Some gcc versions use mvc to copy 4/8 byte values. This will affect some
debug messages. Valgrind will complain about 4 or 8 one-byte reads/writes
instead of just 1 read/write.
- exp-ptrcheck and callgrind are not supported.
Applications should be compiled with -fno-builtin to avoid
false positives due to builtin string operations when running memcheck.
Reading Material
(1) Linux for zSeries ELF ABI Supplement
(2) z/Architecture Principles of Operation
(3) z/Architecture Reference Summary