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* 1.9 compatibility
* sometimes an action is fired without a file being saved
* buffer flushing issue?
* libev issue?
* probably fixed with event type handling update, which ignores atime
updates by defaults
* when a file is saved twice quickly, subsequent events are ignored.
* seems like rev/libev drops the file watch
* test on other platforms
x mswin
x cygwin
* bsd
* osx
* solaris
* write a few prepackaged scripts
* post on gists
* post links on wiki
* post main links in readme
* eval script within own context?
* use case: using <tt>path</tt> within script accesses Script#path
* respond to different file events?
* modified
* created
* deleted
* etc.
* watch(pattern, EVENT, &action)
* use case: a script updates a manifest file when a file is deleted
* memory profiling / benchmarks
* version.watchr
* sync versions (gemspec & Watchr::VERSION)