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Sérgio Bernardino smpb


One Over Zero
  • net-meocloud

    Net::MeoCloud - A MEO Cloud interface in Perl

    Last updated


    Last updated

  • mindflayer

    Simple web app that "eats" brain matter in the shape of parsable IRC logs, consuming that which is important, and returning useful information such as nice looking statistics, or an aggregated links list.

    Last updated

  • bootstrap-wiki

    Simple wiki engine using Mojolicious and Bootstrap, with Markdown files as content.

    Last updated

  • codebits-api

    A Perl implementation of the API made available for the Portuguese tech company SAPO event, Codebits

    Last updated

  • jot-engine

    tiny blog engine, for quick and simple content creation

    Last updated

  • www-tumblr

    forked from damog/www-tumblr

    Perl interface for the Tumblr API

    Last updated

  • blog-manager

    A simple, extensible, plugin-based blog manager written in Perl.

    Last updated

  • exocortex

    forked from oneoverzero/exocortex

    A system to help you organize the information overload. A (extra) brain outside your brain.

    Last updated

  • roguebits

    Browser-based multiplayer dungeon-crawler featuring randomized environments to explore (rendered in retro pseudo-3D reminiscent of classics like 'Wolfenstein 3D', or 'The Elder Scrolls: Arena').


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