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If you use Microsoft Windows on your laptop, then every time you go to work or go back to home, you to have connect to a different wifi network. In some cases (like mine) you have to set a static IP address on a wifi and use DHCP on another. This goal of this windows app is to go between DHCP and static IP easily.

Getting Started

It has a main settings form. You can set a default IP settings there. There will be a system tray menu, so you can switch the network status fast enough.


What happened recently?

[x] Some small bugs fixed in profile operations
    (finding a profile moved to a single method converts everything to lower to search).
[x] Some bugs fixed in deleting a profile.
[x] Bug in no default profiel fixed.
[x] Mangae profiles form updates after editing now.
[x] Some bugs fixed in creating a new profile.
[x] Profiles.json added to resources, so when you don't have the file, it'll be created based on the default one.
[x] Only x64
[x] List of interfaces auto load
[x] Forms tab order corrected
[x] Put in Startup
(Admin privilege request removed from app manifest, so we can put the app in startup)
[x] IP validation
[x] User can make duplicate of a profile.
[x] Make forms look good (sizes are bad now).
[x] Use resource for languages in all texts.
(So we have two languages now: EN and FA).

[ ] Load current system setting as a new profile names AutoProfile.
[ ] Add a command for gateway in DHCP mode if there was a gateway ip in profile.
[ ] Update the previous installation when using setup.