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Beyond Gitfolio

Jekyll theme for beautiful academic website - based on the fantastic Gitfolio.

The goals of this project are to extend Gitfolio to:

  1. Instead of repos, show different links on the homepage.
  2. Move the repos to a dedicated code page.
  3. Add a dedicated papers page to display academic papers.
  4. Update the gitfolio ui so that papers can be added dynamically to the page.
  5. Small stylistic changes, e.g. change the background to full page image.
  6. Automatically read in json configuration from the previous run. Alternatively, you can edit the json file manually with your papers and other pages and gitfolio ui will parse and display it.


An example page generated is given below, and can be found here.


The user interface has been modified from gitfolio and can be used to add papers/links and new pages. An example screenshot is below.


Running beyond-gitfolio

Note that the command line interface from gitfolio is not supported because the configuration options are more complex. Only the GUI is supported:

beyond-gitfolio ui


To install locally:

npm link

in the local dircectory which gives

/usr/local/bin/beyond-gitfolio -> /usr/local/lib/node_modules/beyond-gitfolio/bin/beyond_gitfolio.js
/usr/local/lib/node_modules/beyond-gitfolio -> /Users/oernst/software_public/beyond-gitfolio

Then run

beyond-gitfolio ui


  1. Blog is not tested and probably broken.
  2. Ability to reorganize sections.
  3. Ability to choose one or two column layouts for links.